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My Laptop Hangs On Xp Boot Screen

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I have my AMD Acer laptop, 5100, The 1st problem is this that somehow i have installed the window Xp in it but it hang on xp boot screen,I tried a different hard drive. no luck. I tired installing XP, but after booting from cd and loading all the drivers, right after the FAT and NTFS drivers, it says \"Setup is loading Windows\" and then it hangs there. I've left it overnight and in the morning it's still in the same place. I can't reformat, install, or repair my XP installation. SO i took the hard drive and stuck it in another laptop to load XP. It ran fine until i stuck it back in my laptop, i have tried to run it in safe mode 1st time it worked there but after that it freezes there aswel, it also got up till that particular driver and then stopped.

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No computer expert here

At least no computer expert answered your question in less than one hour.
And due to the way you express yourself, I guess that nobody wants to share some knowledge with you.
Of course, your problem is a rather simple one.
Each computer comes with his own XP installation CD. A laptop does not boot from the same install CD as a desktop, because the hardwares are different, so the drivers are different, mainly from the display and motherboard point of view.
You simply have a Windows XP CD which does not match your laptop hardware.
Where did you get this laptop and this CD?
The best way to solve your problem is to go to laptop manufacturer's website, go to the support section, and ask them to provide you with a new installation CD for your very precise laptop, the model references are probably written under the laptop.
Of course, this kind of requirement is a free operation during the guarantee period. After that, you will have to pay a little amount of money for that.
Also check that you don't have any hardware problem, i would test this with a LiveCD like Mandriva One CD ; if you are able too boot off the Mandriva one CD and are able to surf on the web, then you have no hardware problem.

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two possible cause of problem -1. Hardware issue - There could be a fault somewhere else in your laptop (knowing that you're hard-drive might be working fine) 2. Driver issue - Installation Media may not be compatible with you're laptop (as mentioned above by yordan) 1. Hardware issue - download another OS media (i recommend Ubuntu or any of its folks) and install it to see if problem persists. If so than it's a fault within you're system hardware2. Driver issue - download drivers from manufacturer's website and create a slipstreamed Installation Media (there's quite a lot of tools available but i recommend nLite... try googling on slipstream how-tos - it's quite easy)

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