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Transferring Domain To Astahost/computinghost

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hi guys,I'm wondering if it's possible to move my domain to asthost, i'm currently registered under LuckyRegister.com, and wondering what are the costs and necessary requirements?cheers

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Domain transfer is a pretty simple & straight forward process. If you have the MyCent for it, you can move it to us :) The price is based on the extension so if the renewal price of a .com here is 12.95 USD then you will be charged 12.95 USD for transfer since the domain is renewed after transferring from one registrar to the other.


Steps to follow before transferring a domain

Get the authentication code from your current domain registrar, it is also called domain secret, epp code, domain transfer authenticate code and so on.

Have Theft protection and privacy protection disabled. "Domain locks" too.

Make sure the email address in your current Whois matches the new order you place at xisto. Whois is nothing but the details you submitted when registering your domain (name, email address, address, phone number and so on). You just need to make sure the same email address is used at LuckyRegister.com and at xisto.

Now that you are ready to order :-

Go to the domain transfer section of the shopping cart and enter the domain of your choice.

You should see the price of the domain once you "check availability".

The next step is where you enter your EPP code.

Finish payment.

What next? :-

This is the last and automated part of the process. Now that the order has been placed, the email address you used at the old registrar will be sent an email asking to "authorize" the process

Once you authorize it, depending on the losing registrar, the domain will automatically get transferred

But for some reason it fails, you will be notified by xisto or by your losing registrar :)


Best of luck and let me know if you need any more information

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