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The price of a domain






In several topics on the forum of several websites people talk about the lowest price for a domain. Some registars offer promotion prices. These prices are pretty low compared to the regular price. This means that the registar doesn't earn much money from the promotion price. This means that in order to raise money the registar needs some other source to earn money to be profitable. And these source of income is probably the regular price of a domain. After the first year some registars renew the domain name registration automatically for 1 year. The domain name owner is obliged to pay the regular price.


It has disadvantages to change the registration to another registar with a promotion price. When the registration ends at the first registar it is possible somebody else registers the domain name. And when the doman name is transferred to another registar it is not sure the low promotion price applies. When the transferring of a domain name is done before the end of the year of the first registration the paid price to the first registar is gone for the rest of the year.


This means that when searching for a registar it is usefull to look at the promotion price and to the regular price too. Because after the first year with a reduced price the regular price applies.


And since it is possible that some effort is done to attract viewers and visitors to the site, the name of the website can be known by some people and for some other reasons it can be appreciated to use the name of the website for a longer period. This means that it can be seen like unwanted to change the name of the website after the first cheap year of registration.


Promo code


A low price for a domain can be get by looking for promotions. Some registars ask a low price for promotion reasons. And some extensions are given low prices by a registar while another registar asks a low price for another extension. So it can be usefull to look around and to compare several registars. To help to get an idea about some promotions of some registars here is an overview of some well known and not so well known registars.


Some low prices




https://de.godaddy.com/ offers several promotions with low prices.


A .com domain name costs $ 1.17 in december. The promotion code holiday99 needs to be entered during the registration process to gain this low price for the first year of registration.

Here are some more prices:


.info $ 2.17

.us $ 3.04

.biz. $ 4.56

.mobi 5.32


The .us extension is only deliverd by godaddy to people who live in the United States of America.

Godaddy asks a small extra fee for the central registration office added to .us, .biz and .mobi.




An .in domain name costs $ 4.83 at https://xisto.com/ .


Paying the bill can be a bit difficult because of the paying procedure of Xisto - Domains.




The .info and .com domain name of https://www.1and1.com/ have pretty low prices.


.info: $ 0.99

.com: 4.99

.net: 4.99

.org: 4.99

.us: 8.99

.biz: 8.99


An advantage of https://www.1and1.com/ is the free anonymizer feature.




.us costs $ 3.99 at https://m.secureserver.net/?ci=101147&mrk=sales.none&mrf=%2fsc_origin-b0000273%2f%3fci%3d101147&prog_id=server&pl_id=103768 .

.info costs $ 1.99.




.com costs $ 8,49 at https://www.name.com/ .

The promotion code for this price is festivus.


The regular price for .com is $ 9.99.


Promotion codes can be found by using Google at websites that publish promo codes and by registering to news letters and in different topics of the forum of different websites about domains and internet topics.


The prices are found in December 2010. The information and the prices are found on the websites of the registars and in several different topics on websites that have a forum.


At most registars the registration of a domain name needs a credit card.

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Another good suggestion is:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ domains, but no hosting. you can always get free hosting at webfreehosting.net without any ads.my site is up, using both their services, which are free to use!!

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.co.cc and co.cz or cz.cc are the domains which are neglected usually by professional marketers and ad network. Google also places less importance on such domains. Instead spend some money on .us or other regional domain names. By the way never ever by anything frm 1and1 sites. You'll regret your purchase for sure.

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Well said derckchoi2

Another good suggestion is:http://www.co.cc/

Free domains, but no hosting. you can always get free hosting at webfreehosting.net without any ads.

my site is up, using both their services, which are free to use!!

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