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hello Xisto im new here im still confuse and and thinking what to post! i read some topic here and its great.


Just reply to new post or post that have contents that you are interested in, some people dig the post if they want more clarification or updates on the topic. In case you only want to focus on 1 aspect of the selected old post (1 year old and up), just start a new one and put a reference and a summary on your now topic.

Creating topics asking help from different members can also earn you points as long as you are not spamming. Points collected are converted to MyCents and then converted into virtual cash where you can buy hosting or domain names. Most member here are hosted on xisto networks or just buying domains using the virtual cash.

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considering your from the philippines you could start out by posting some of your interests, what kind of web site you would like to make if you're gonna make one. And something I'd be interested in would be some pictures yourself and where you are from. That would be cool and unique in itself.Levimage :)

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