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Making A Website For Starters

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Hello and Welcome to this tutorial.Lets start off with the tag order.It goes the html tag goes at the base.The head tag goes in the html tag.The title, script, style, link, and meta tags go in the head.The body goes in the html tag.The content goes in the body.Here is what it looks like:

<html><head>           <title></title></head><body>Blah Blah Blah</body></html>


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Hi, HannahI

Thanks for the info, some people did not know that they could start they website with a title tag. However, I would mention something I don't agree with.

You posted your topic in Xisto tutorial section.

Please read more carefully the tutorial specifications, namely :

The Tutorials have to be of a bare minimum length of 500 words to be accepted.

Your test is almost ten times below the minimum tutorial text length.

That's why I moved it here.



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