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Central-Gaming.net was designed and founded by myself as a gaming community website and forum. We have had alot of downtime however getting bugs and other issues fixed.


We are basically a gaming community (like GTAGaming) though Central-Gaming is a site for any game. Genre's of RPG, Action, Stratagy, First Person Shooters (FPS) GTA, Sports, Simulation, Racing, Casual and more! We have not long just re-launched due to being offline for a few months.


For the past few months now, Central-Gaming.net has unaccessable because we had a Ideal Plan suspension. At the moment Central-Gaming is back up, online and running. I've managed to also advertise and get us some sponsorships with other gaming communities such as GTA fansites, multiplayer networks etc.


The skin we currently have right now is having work done on, however I like the Xbox skin, so I think we'll keep this skin until we get a better one. :D


Though, we are still missing something...what did the old CG have (before being offline) that this new relaunched one does not?...That's right. Members...we are missing our glorious members who love the whole gaming genre! :P We need our members. Without our awesome members, our site is nothing but a little site sitting helplessly in the distance!


We will be also having more forums for games as we go along. New games being released etc. Since now I've completed one of my biggest tasks of all, with the Gaming Scene area removing/hiding the categories forums and replacing with subforums etc for the games, it's all cool!


I have finished fixing our mainpage and also had some time to make a page with our Staff on. (That page can be found below with a list of links).


Forum skin colors have been changed once again, so we have black, darkgrey(ish) and some green. New mods and forums have been added.


We now support tips and technical support for Steam and Xfire! We have also made a little forum for members to join the Spam Patrol team. Just a nice opertunitity for our members.


(Obviously no MEMBER group made), but you will get more respect around the forum. You'll get access to the Spam Patrol forums also !! We will make a Spam Patrol group (blue no doubt) but it'd be your secondary group, not primary.


Spam Patrol will get exclusive access around the board, including more options, less restrictions. You will have:


Spam Patrol Headquarters

Spam Patrol Reports

Spam Patrol Discussion

Spam Patrol Group

Moderation permissions to the entire Spam Patrol FORUMS

We at Central-Gaming need a small team that can post some mods on the front page and upload some in the Downloads System. If anyone could perhaps suggest a good Content Management System that can intigrate into Invision Power Board 2.3.6, that'd be awesome.


Our Advertising Signatures:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Thanks for reviewing. :P

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Hey lookout! Somebody's hacked the website. Hope you get around that soon.As for your question. I would better keep the content management system separate from the IPB. For the site, I would surely look into it later.

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Good site. I would like to see if you guys cover game development info as well. There are lot of gaming sites already add some more taste to it, like blog or developer channel, Chat room etc. If possible. Other than that site design and forum looks cool.

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Thanks for your comment and suggestion starscream! :D I'll do more to it as soon as we get our forums back up...unfortunately our SQL Database got annonymously deleted somehow (not sure). Good think I have a backup from Yesterday! :D The thing is now though, is waiting for support to restore it. It fails to restore for me, and I've used both phpMyAdmin and the Restore Backup feature in cPanel. Neither work for me. :PI am currently customising the IPS Driver Error page to a more informative page so visitors know what's wrong. :P We should be back up within the next couple of days! :PP.S, star, if your interested in helping with the site or any development, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM here or Xisto forums! :D I'd love some help! :P

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