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Windows Xp Trick windows xp trick

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Here is a cool technique which hides entire hard disk drives by a simple procedure.

1) Go to Start > Run > type "diskpart".
A DOS window will appear

2) Then type "list volume"
you will be shown the list of your all partions that you got

3) Suppose you want to hide drive E then type "select volume 3"
Then a message will appear in same window { Volume 3 is the selected volume}

4) Now type "remove letter E"
Now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter }

sometime it requires to reboot the computer.
Diskpart will remove the letter.

Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unknown volume.
Your Data is now safe from unauthorised users.

To access the content of hidden Drive repeat the process mentioned above. But in 4th step replace " remove" by "assign".
It means type "assign letter E".

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Quoted the text copied from http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-65741.html (see edit history)

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Please read our forum rules.
Do not post copied text unless quoting the copied part and mentionning where the copied text is coming from.
Your post is copied from somewhere else, probably from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Remember that posting copied text without quote tags is considered as plagiarism and can lead to a ban. :(

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is the drive visible in the explorer???????if not how do i access my drive ????????

Precisely, the aim of this trick is to make the disk invisible in Microsoft explorer.
So, newbies cannot see the disk.
However, the disk is visible in the "disk management" part of the "system management" tool (right click on "my computer", and choose "manage"). You see the disk and you click "assign a letter to this drive"
(sorry for approximating the English names of the menus, my computer is not an English one).

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I think the better solution might be to leave the side of your computer case open and just unplug the power cord when you don’t need it. Perhaps just put a single pole single throw mini switch on the side that interrupts the power.I’m sure this trick will work in Vista also because it basically just unassigns the drive letter. I guess the real question is will Windows keep asking you if you want to reformat this drive every time you open Windows Explorer.

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