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From scanning all of my documents, I have acquired approximately 50 PDF files of various sizes. I would like to separate each PDF file into separate pages (1 file per page). I would prefer to input a bunch of files and let the program process them and output them into a separate directory (much like PhotoWham! does for JPEGs).Also it would be great if I could automatically remove blank pages because a lot of the documents were not double-sided but I set it to double-sided mode in case.

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I would prefer freeware or even better, open-source software. I know that A-PDF has a "free" version, but it watermarks your files with it's logo or something.

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It would be nice to have a documentation on that on how to get started on simple tasks. I can't even get the command line or GUI to open.

OK, the startpoint of the documentation is inside the downloaded file.

Download the "i386 cygwin" package and read the readme.txt file.

This is the charming part of the opensource things, it's free but you have to work a little bit.

Fortunately, once you started, you see that each time the job to be done is the same.

So, if you read the (too short) documentation you see that it's a a tool to be used with cygwin.

So, you need to download and install cygwin, mainly the X-windows package and the QT3 package (which is part of the "doc" part of cygwin).

I would suggest that you first perform a "copy only" install, because the donwload time is rather long.

Then, first install cygwin and it's X-windows part, and then copy the \usr part of the pdf distro to c:, adding it to c:\cygwin\usr.

Here is how the GUI appears on my Windows XP PC, when I started modifiying a downloaded pdf file:

Posted Image

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Ok well instead of using the complicated open-source software, I've opted for this free program:



Well, it's free to a certain extent. To get additional features which I don't need (although batch processing would be great for my 71 files), you need to buy it. Well, at least I don't have 700 files to do :(


Anyways, thanks yordan for the suggestion. I should have checked Download.com first...I wonder why I didn't?...

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