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How Can I See The Other Pcs Connected To My Adsl Router I just want to monitor

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Hi GuysI am Athangal just newly in here I need a little help.I have ADSL at my home it is registered on my name.From my router I have given three more connection to other guys, some times they are telling me that they have one PC at their home and later on I am being informed by other people that they have given the cable to other one without my permission & knowledge.I want to monitor them please give me some kind of idea that will make me able to watch over them.Because of this criminal act some time the net is not running in good speed, ( because too many guys are connected to the same modem ( router ). I will really appreciate all the help I can get.Any software or application would be fine for me. If I have to do it manualy that would be fine as well.Thanks in advance Best regardsAthangal

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Hi athangal I wrote in Spanish an information to do this.

This is a way to protect your bandwith.

Una forma rĂĄpida de averiguar quien estĂĄ conectado a tu ordenador cuando te encuentras en Internet es la siguiente:
1. Haces clic en el botĂłn Inicio y luego en Todos los Programas

2. Seleccionas Accesorios y luego SĂ­mbolos del sistema.

3. En la ventan de SĂ­mbolos de sistema escribe netstat y pulsa la tecla Intro

4. Ahora en pantalla verĂĄs todas las conexiones que estĂĄs recibiendo

I will translate you this:

A quickly way to know who is connected to your PC when you are on internet is the next:

1. Click on the START button and then in PROGRAMS.

2. Click on Accesories and then on System Simbols

3. In the command screen write netstat and push ENTER.

4. And now in the screen you will see all the connections to your PC.

Using this process you will check if someone is stealing part of your bandwith.

I hope this mini-tutorial helps you.


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RouterHow Can I See The Other Pcs Connected To My Adsl Router

go to yourrouter's web based interface .. Usually by typing or or into your web browser (mozilla, internet explorer, google chrome.. Whatever you use) and you can check on there (most routers usually have a log of who connects wirelessly to the router.. As for users who connect via ethernet cable to your router.. I do not know.. Just do not let them connect an ethernet cable to your router or set up your router to do MAC ADDRESS FILTERING. Or get a new router with no Ethernet ports available to do this with.) 

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