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Mozilla Firefox 3 Hacked 30x Times Faster! WOW

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Sorry, Jaize, but... your one-line topic cannot be considered as a tutorial, at least it could be seen as a (maybe) useful tip. That's why I moved it here, where it's place most probably is.
However, I would like to warn you about the Xisto rules, as expressed here : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Mainly, I would like you to think about this :

Illegal Content (ban): Posting illegal content, or referring to it with, for example, a link, and even discussing such material will not be allowed. Such material includes but is not limited to :

* Warez, or other illegally distributed software.

* Hacking tools.

Obviously, your link does not reflect the Firefox opensource commitment : you have to give the link to the official Firefox 3 site, or you must provide us with the source of the modifications which have been made and a valid for having performed this modification.

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