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Total Validator Desktop Tool

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The Total Validator desktop tool is an easy to use desktop version of the online Total Validator service, which allows you to perform five different validations on your web pages in one go, rather than using several tools to achieve the same thing.


To use it, you simply enter in a URL for the Starting Page or select a local web page using the Browse button, next choose which validations you wish to perform from the options available, and then hit the Validate button to start the validation process, if you want you can use the Cancel button to stop the validation process at any time, but, note that this may sometimes take a short while to respond when validating remote broken links.


At the end of the process your default browser should be launched displaying the results of the validation.


The five validations available are:


True HTML validation against the W3C Markup Specifications or ISO/IEC definition using the published DTDs (2.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.01, ISO/IEC, XHTML 1.0 and 1.1).

Accessibility validation against the W3C WAI Accessibility Guidelines and US Section 508 Standard

A spell checker that checks the content of your pages against American, British, French, Italian, German or Spanish dictionaries.

A broken links validator that checks for broken hypertext links.

Screenshots in 32 different browsers on Windows, Linux and OS/X (Pro tool only)

This tool comes in four diferent versions:


Basic desktop tool : Can validate local pages, intranets, or other hidden pages, fast response and local results, may be launched from the Firefox extension for one click validation, allow to select which browser identification to use when checking websites.

Advanced desktop tool: This version as you guess Includes all the features of the Basic version, but, additionaly you can validate an entire site rather than just one page at a time, unlimited number of pages, skip multiple areas of your website, save results to a folder, and most the other options available on the advanced page of the online service.

Pro desktop tool: The Pro tool is currently unavailable for new users whilst a replacement is being developed, that will become available by mid-2009. Some additional features included in this version are: Generation of Screenshots of your web pages in different browsers/OS including Apple Mac, authenticated access to password protected areas also authenticated access through NTLM/SOCK/HTTP proxy servers, command line support to automate your site's validation.

Firefox extension: Provides one-click validation, simply browse to any page you want to validate and then click on the 'TV' icon in the browser status bar. All of the options available with the online service are available with the extension through a series of tabbed pages on the options dialog.

The recommended system requirements for the Basic, Advanced and Pro versions of the Total Validator desktop tool are:


1Ghz Pentium IV (or equivalent)

256MB of RAM

15MB of free disk space (65MB with Java)

800x600 display with more than 256 colours

Windows (2000,2003,XP,Vista), Mac OS/X 10.4+, Linux

Java 1.5 or higher

Visit the Total Validator Downloads page to get your copy


Best regards,

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And this application is completely free ? :P I like ! Especialy the browser screenshots, gonna safe me a lot of time, thanks dude :mellow:

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And this application is completely free ? :o
I like ! Especialy the browser screenshots, gonna safe me a lot of time, thanks dude :o

You are welcome, and Yes, this application is free.

Best regards,

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