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Dvd To Itunes Guide-----how To Get Dvd Onto Itunes?

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How to get DVD onto iTunes?



So you want to enjoy your favorite DVD movies on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV? Fine, it is an easy thing but could be a pain if you have no idea about some of the following key points.


First thing first


ITunes plays an increasingly important role in the Apple culture in the way organizing and converting or even playing the music, video, Podcast on your iPod, iPhone. Its essential reflects ESPECIALLY when you want to download a file that is closely regarded to copyright protection onto your iPod from an external source----the download goes through with iTunes inevitably.


What iTunes can't do?


Have you ever attempted to directly drag the DVD to iTune with a simple purpose to play DVD on iTunes? I am pretty sure you have learnt that the ITunes just won't let you do that. Put it clear enough, neither iTunes nor QuickTime offers any ability to read a DVD movie and convert it for use on the Apple TV or iPods. With this unfavorable condition, it seems we can't get DVD onto iTunes, not to mention enjoy DVD movie on your portable devices.


Solution-----DVD to iTunes converter


DVDs are actually all encrypted with the CSS DRM used by DVD players. You have to remove the protection first and even to make the DVD free of regional restriction. DVD to iTunes Converter is designed specifically targeted at converting DVD movies for use with the, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, it can remove encrypted DVDs, while enables you convert the DVD video to a format that will be acceptable by iTunes like Mpeg-4(.mp4), H.264, MOV, etc, then you can easily transfer these video to your portable devices through iTunes.



Capabilities of DVD to iTunes converter


DVD to iTunes Converter not only enables you to rip DVD to MP4, H.264 and MOV. It also allows you to extract audio track from DVD, and convert it to MP3, M4A or WAV format. You can also take snapshots from the playing video and save them as jpeg, bmp or png. The dominate part for the advanced users is its video editing capability, you can crop out the unwanted part or the unnecessary black part in the frame. You can decide which chapter or title of the DVD to be converted by defining the starting time and ending time of the conversion.


Explore it yourself, it deserves you have it.

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quoted the text copied from http://www.iorgsoft.com/guides/get-dvd-onto-itunes/ (see edit history)

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You did not write this text by yourself, this text has been copied from somewhere else, probably from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
It is not really forbidden to post copied text in this forum. However, politeness asks that you mention where you copied this text from, and honesty asks that you put the copied text between quote tags.
I did the quoting job for you today. Next time I expect you to do the quoting job by yourself.
Else we could think that you want to cheat with the hosting credit system, which makes the admins around here rather angry. :mellow:

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4.How to Edit WMV on Mac with iMovie

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-reply by winniel

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