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The Code Export Suite is a set of tools that you can use to indent, reindent, export or print your source code files, also you can convert them to PDF or Images files too. Some of the supported file formats that you can use for exporting your source files includes HTML, PDF and JPG file formats.


The Code Export Suite is very easy to use, it's simple and also very fast, it works with Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003, it is 100% Free, without spyware and without adware too, and includes the following tools:

RTF Convertor: Tool for RTF or Word files.

Doc Convertor: Tool for source code or text files.

Text Code Export: Tool to convert text or ini files

HTML Code Export: Tool to convert HTML files.

C++ Code Export: Tool for C or C++ files.

C# Code Export: Tool for C# files.

Java Code Export: Tool for Java code files.

The only thing that i don't like about Code Export Suite is that you must download every file one by one, because there is not a single installation file with all the tools together, but by the other side, this way you can download only what you need.


Code Export Suite deserves to be downloaded.


Best regards,

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Hmmm, I was looking for something like this, but it lacks two requirements: OpenOffice.org support and M-Files (matlab) support ...I realy need it because my teacher complained that the screenshots I took from Notepad++ weren't clear enough in my mex-report :rolleyes:

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