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Simple Fun With Javascript Javascript is great for web site. Here is a few code for novice.

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Javascript is a client side scripting language. It's a platform independent scripting language.It's run within a web browser. It's very fast to run & not too hard to learn. It's very simply to code but it can make your web page funny & interesting to the visitors. So i would like to give you some easy but interesting javascript code for your web page. But all code here is only for those who are novice in javascript or interested in javascript but not for those whose are all ready experienced. Though you can take a look on this post especially the final code with logical math.


Some javascript code


Javascript is plenty powerful. We can go in any one of a dozen directions with this. What I'm going to do some code here, trying to touch on as many basic things as I can. I'll try to explain a little as we go.

Code: 1


So, what now? Let's add a prompt box to ask our name and then spit out a personalized Hello message.




<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE><script type="text/javascript"><!--function HelloWorld(){   myname = prompt("Hey! What's your name?", "");   alert ('Hello ' + myname);}//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY><A HREF="java script:HelloWorld()">Hello! Click here!</A></BODY></HTML>
So why waiting just put those code on a simple text editor save it with a '.html' extension. Now double click on the file it should be open with a web browser. If your system is windows & browser is Internet Explorer then you may have to give some permission to run that javascript. Though i prefer Mozilla FireFox & Opera browser. I believe those are better choice.


You see in the prompt box thing, there is a part that says "Hey! What's your name?" is fairly self explanatory. But you may feel doubt to think what's the empty double quotes ("") for? That's for the default string. Put something in the quotes (like your name or anything) and re-run it to see the effect.


Code: 2


Now we will have fun with javascript events.


What's an event? An event is when something happens. Such as a mouse over, mouse click, page loading, etc.


So we can put some simple alert box pop up when the page loads using the onLoad event handler in the body tag.




<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE><script type="text/javascript"><!--function HelloWorld(){   alert ('Hello World!');}//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY onLoad="HelloWorld()">Hello</BODY></HTML>Some more now with events.Lots of people use <b>onMouseOver</b> event handlers in links.CODE<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE><script type="text/javascript"><!--function HelloWorld(){   alert ('Hello World!');}//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY><A HREF="" onMouseOver="HelloWorld()">Hello</A></BODY></HTML>

Code: 3


Javascript is also fine with math. So why not some mathmatical fun with javascript.




<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE><script type="text/javascript"><!--function MathThing(){   firstnumber = prompt("Give me a number.", "");   secondnumber = prompt("Give me another number.", "");   total = firstnumber * secondnumber;   alert (firstnumber + " x " + secondnumber + " = " + total);}//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY><A HREF="java script:MathThing()">Click me</A></BODY></HTML>
Now a simple logical math with javascript.



<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE><script type="text/javascript"><!--function MathThing(){   firstnumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * (100 + 2));   firstnumber = prompt("Give me a number. A small 1 or 2 digit number is a good choice. A random value is " + firstnumber + ". Keep it or change it if you wish.", firstnumber);   value1 = parseInt (firstnumber);   value2 = value1 + 50;   alert ("Your chosen number is " + value1 + ".\n\nNow add 50 with your given number.\n\nYour number is now " + firstnumber + " + 50 = " + value2);   value3 = value2 - 15;   alert ("Now minus 15 from your present number.\n\nYour number is  now " + value2 + " - 15 = " + value3);   value4 = 100 - value3;   alert ("Now minus your present number from 100.\n\nYour number is now 100 - " + value3 + " = " + value4);   value5 = value4 + value1;   alert ("Now add your first number ( that you have given ) with your present number.\n\nYour final number is " + value4 + " + " + value1 + " = " + value5);   alert ("Try it again with a different number.");}//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY><div align="center"><br><br><br><h1><A HREF="java script:MathThing()">Click Me!</A></h1></div></BODY></HTML>

Each time you try the answer will be same 65. Want to know why? Find it by yourself.


Ok i don't like to make this post any longer. But i'll try to write more post about simple javascript later. If you like this post please write some comments.



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Quoted the copied parts (see edit history)

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The JavaScript portion is good for beginners as you mentioned in your post. However, I think you should write valid HTML with your JavaScript code. This include a DOCTYPE as well as other rules for HTML.


You can learn more about JavaScript at W3Schools: http://www.w3schools.com/js/.

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These scripts are a basic level primer, and not entirely your own work. They are taken from http://www.htmliseasy.com/index.html, and there is also a "pay to see the rest" branch at http://www.pagetutor.com/index.html

Slight changes to the occasional words may throw off google searches, but does not disguise where you ripped the tutorial from...

Code 1: http://www.htmliseasy.com/javascript/lesson03.html
Code 2: http://www.htmliseasy.com/javascript/lesson04.html
Code 3: http://www.htmliseasy.com/javascript/lesson05.html

Code 4: (logical math game)
This is the only original code in your tutorial, although it is still a variation of the examples on Code 3: http://www.htmliseasy.com/javascript/lesson05.html
Your modification is buggy though. For example, first you declare a variable and then prompt that same variable (you overwrite "firstnumber")

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So, rahid, could you please modify your post and quote the copied parts ?Remember that if you don't do that, your topic will directly go the the "spam and junk" folder and you should loose a lot of credits.------------------------Edit :Obviously you did not find time enough for the quoting job, so I did it for you.Please, next time do not forget to do it by yourself. Else some mods around here could think that you are deliberately posting copied material.

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