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My Account? changed?

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Can it be that my account has changed?It's no problem tho but my account went from 50 to 150 Mb or did I just missed something... lol

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Seems your account have been upgraded. Dont you like it or do you want Admin to downgrade it?

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Guys does anyone remember the E-Mail you got a while ago about the plan changes. Here is a copy of it. I kept it in my GMail thing...

To all members of Xisto.com,
Management is pleased to inform you that we have made this great hosting
even better and easier to obtain.

There are only 2 plans offered:
Plan1 is an introductory package for those who cant wait to get
started. 20 MB with 500 MB, 10 hosting credit.
Plan 2 is the new default package and is based on the old package 4 but
with more bandwidth. 150 MB with 3GB Bandwidth, 30 hosting credit.

Part 1 : For Hosted Members,
The changes are to the packages and to the way they are obtained, users
with package one have no changes. If you have package 2, 3, or 4 you now
have 150MB-diskspace and 5GB of Bandwidth. We still have unlimited email
and databases but it will show only 99 in cPanel. If you need more than
99 databases or email addresses you can ask for the change when you have
95 working databases or when you have 95 active email.
Hosted users with package 1 can ask for upgrade to package 2 (old plan
#4) at any time after you have 30 or more hosting credits. No more post
counting, everything is based on your hosting credits and the quality of
your posts.

Part 2 : For New Members,
There are only 2 plans now, you can post and ask for hosting when you
have 10 hosting credits and you will receive the introductory package
(Package 1) or you can wait until you have 30 hosting credits before you
ask for the default plan (Package 2). What you have to keep in mind is
that you must follow the rules and not have any warnings or negative
reputation. If you are found breaking the rules you will not receive
hosting until you follow the rules.

Part 3 : For New and Hosted members,
If you apply for hosting or for an upgrade and we deny it, you will know
because we deleted your request. If your post is closed with a reply
from an Administrator you were approved and an email will arrive shortly.

If you ask for hosting or upgrade and your profile is not correct, fake
email or non working email and you ask us to re-send the token you will
loose 10 hosting credits and have to make that up before you can setup
or update the account.

Xisto Administrator
Xisto Corporation

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