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Wp Premiun, A Brilliant (and Free) Wordpress Theme

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Hello everyone,



For well over a week now, I had been searching for a free WordPress theme that had the following features...

Professional looking

SEO'ed (Search Engine Optimized)

Employs valid XHTML (although I didn't really fuss about that)

Easily customizable, with its CSS declarations clear and organized.

I tried over 20 themes, most of which were decent enough, but they all left me a little squeamish and I couldn't find out exactly why. But then again, I'm anally-retentive and something of a perfectionist, so that wasn't completely unexpected (ahem :P)


Last night, however, I stumbled across an incredible theme that totally hit the spot for me. It have everything I was looking for, and then some. And that's why I want to share it with you, in case you're still in the searching-for-a-theme phase, or simply not quite satisfied with the WordPress you currently have.


The theme I'm talking about is called WP Premium. You can view a demo of it at...




... and, if it meets your fancy, you can download it through the following link (a .zip file whose size is 177 KBs)...




This theme is extremely functional and very visually appealing. It's bundled with all the features you'd normally expect from a quality WordPress theme, such as being widget-ready and compatible with the latest WordPress version -- I'm already using it on WordPress Version 2.6.3, and it's working like a charm.


A very nice feature is that this theme comes in 3 different color schemes (red, brown, and black), and you can easily switch between the different schemes by making a very small modification to the general CSS file. I'm currently using the red color scheme as it has better contrast than the other 2 schemes, but I'm going to play around with the others to see if I can come up with something better. But I'm going to postpone this for now, since I can finally focus on my site's content, instead of obsessing with its overall look-and-feel.


If you'd like to know more about this theme's features, you can take a look at its original release page at...




I hope you enjoy this one :rolleyes:



P.S.: I'm not the designer of this theme and I'm not affiliated with it in anyway, other than using it. I just liked it so much that I wanted to let others know about it.

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This wordpress theme is awesome, I really like it.. By customizing it a little to fit somebodies needs it really can look fancy, even though if the blog is a new one, the right sidebar may look quite empty in the first months, but this theme has everything what I like to say is "prefect" a normal padding, a normal font and normal borders, not like most of the themes is always missing something, even the colours are great. :rolleyes:

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This wordpress theme is awesome, I really like it.

I'm glad you do, Quatrux :rolleyes:


... if the blog is a new one, the right sidebar may look quite empty in the first months

Well, I guess a simple workaround would be to go into the Theme Editor section of the WordPress Administrator panel and edit the l_sidebar.php and r_sidebar.php files, adding some sections and possibly commenting out the sections you won't be using for now -- for example, using HTML's <!-- and --> tags.


... a normal padding, a normal font and normal borders

My sentiments exactly. Even though I changed the font from 12px Arial into 13px Verdana, which I've always felt was great for both aesthetics and readability. But of course, this is a personal preference. I plan to do some split-testing some time in the future to determine which fonts visitors respond to better.

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