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Repairing Your Windows Environment

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You have already seen people fully desperate because their Windows system cannot boot.Of course, they could bring their PC back to the shop and ask for a complete re-install, but they will loose their data.There is a way avoiding that.Of course they will still have to go back to the shop and have the thing repaired.But they can, before that, save their files.There are Windows LiveCD distros, you can boot on a CD which has an embedded Windows.Because you boot off the CD-rom, the hard disk is not embedded. And as you boot off a CD, there is no virus problem, at least on the CD.So, you have a working windows environment, you see all the files on the hard drive, and you can give the mouse back to your friend, and he will drag-and-drop his files off his hard drive and push them on your USB flashdrive if the files are small, your USB external disk for more date.Nice, isn't it ?

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One of these distros is "Vista PE", you can find it here : http://reboot.pro/
In order to use it, you must have a working Vista PE installation and the original Windows vista CD, in order to verify that you really bought Vista and have a working license.
You download the tool, and you are step-by-step guided for creating an Iso. You burn the Iso on a CD, you boot on this CD and you have a Windows vista which is able to see your network, your hard drives, and will allow you to backup your files to your external USB disk, or retrieve your files from your ftp server !

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