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Mambo/smf Connection

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First off if you have a site or know of a site that does this can you post the link so I can see it. Also if anyone has ever done that before could you tell me were to download the stuff to do that. I've looked around but a lot of the things to download look like they are for older verison of mambo and smf. I have Mambo version: 4.6.3 and SMF 2.0 beta 4.Is there any other free CSS's that you think are better that also work with smf?

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Sorry I didn't post. I could have really helped you. I would say that you should probably use 1.1.6 since 2 is still in beta stages now (Unless you are a Charter member). I would say look at:
Because they have a bridge there that could help you.
Sorry that I didn't post, I didn't see this topic!

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I did end up using smf 1.1.6 but not because smf 2.0 beta 4 wasn't working because it was (for a beta it works really good) but because I couldn't find any bridge that combined mambo and smf 2.0 that worked. SMF had a bridge but it's in beta 1 stage and it has too many errors for me to use.What I ended up using is the SMF 1.1.6, Mambo 4.6, and a bridge I got from smf called bridge 1.1.2 and all that worked together fine.

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I was planning to integrate Joomla with phpbb3 or vBulletin but didn't bother. I decided to make my front page for news and updates, gallery not have users able to log in. Some slight things don't work properly when connecting a cms and forum which turns me off it for example if you log in on the forum you wont be logged in at Joomla. But if you find a good integration program it can work wonders, but it took a load off me when not bothering.As for mambo and smf connection comes, I have no clue but I'm sure it would be similar to Joomla and phpbb3 connection.

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Right now I am trying to get smf 2.0 beta 4 and mambo to work using the 2.0 bridge that smf offers but it has tons of bugs and doesn't work right. I keep fixing bug after bug but the bugs don't seem to end. I guess thats why the bridge is in beta.The reason I didn't use Joomla is because the bridge to smf is no longer working because of something to do with smf licence and I really wanted to use smf because I don't like phpbb at all and vBulletin and IPB aren't free.

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For people in the future that don't know how to do this here is a mini guide on how to do it:

I wanted to use SMF 2.0 Beta 4 (which is pretty stable for a beta) but the bridge is also in first stage beta and it has a lot of bugs. So I had to settle for SMF 1.1.6 which is the latest stable version. Here is how I combined SMF 1.1.6 and Mambo.

First I created a database and a user just for mambo. I called mine “mambo” but you can call it anything you want. I know fantastico calls it mamb1 or mamb2

Then I downloaded Mambo 4.6.5 which is the latest release I could find. Then using c-panels ftp manager I uploaded it to the public_html folder. After I uncompressed it I made sure the permissions on these files were set to 777:

administrator/backups/ Writeableadministrator/components/ Writeable
administrator/modules/ Writeable
administrator/templates/ Writeable
cache/ Writeable
components/ Writeable
images/ Writeable
images/banners/ Writeable
images/stories/ Writeable
installation/langconfig.php Writeable
language/ Writeable
mambots/ Writeable
mambots/authenticator/ Writeable
mambots/content/ Writeable
mambots/editors/ Writeable
mambots/editors-xtd/ Writeable
mambots/search/ Writeable
mambots/system/ Writeable
media/ Writeable
modules/ Writeable
templates/ Writeable
uploadfiles/ Writeable

After that I clicked on the installation folder, then saw the install.php and went to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . Follow mamboâs simple installation steps to create Mambo on your site. Make sure to use the database and database user you created for it. When you finished all that make sure to delete installation folder and everything under it.

You should now have completed the installing Mambo create a new folder in public_html which should be called something like “forum”. Then in this folder upload SMF 1.1.6 which can be found here http://download.simplemachines.org/. Make sure these files are set to 777:

⢠attachments ⢠avatars

Go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (where forum is what you called the folder and domain name is your domain) and follow the simple directions to set up your forum. IMPORTANT- When it asks for your database name and database user name use the one that you just use for Mambo. After your forum is set up delete the install.php file in your forums directory.

Now for the bridge. There is more than one bridge for 1.1.x SMF and Mambo but I use the one SMF made called SMF 1.1 Mambo 4.6 bridge 1.1.2. Here is a link to where to find it: http://download.simplemachines.org/?bridges . Go to the admin panel of Mambo, then go to Installers>Universal. Go to Upload Package File click browse, find the bridge and upload it. Then go to Components>SMF Bridge>Configuration. Set your path and save. Then decide if you want it wrapped or not, which type of registration, and a bunch of other things. When you are done, save it again. Then go to Menu>The which ever menu you want a link to the forum to appear in and click new, component, next. Then name it what you want (forum would be a good choice). Highlight SMF Bridge, save. To make one login go to Modules>Site Modules and unpublish the mambo login and publish the SMF login. Also go to Mambots> Site Mambots, and publish all SMF mambots besides the login and log out.

Some times certain templates (like the one mambo has as the starting default) the forums gets pushed to the bottom when wrapped. This is not the bridgeâs fault this is the templates settings. You can either edit the template, try different templates until one works, or unwrap it.

Congratulations you now have a working bridge connecting SMF and Mambo!

Note: I just noticed SMF released 1.1.7 but it is just a security update and everything I said about 1.1.6 above is the same on 1.1.7

If you have any questions about this just ask because it can be confusing. If anyone has something to add that maybe I missed or if I said something that is incorrect please correct me. Thanks.
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