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I made one which runs a php scrip every 30 minutes and its working perfectly, iam just wondering when it is run, is at x:00 and x:30 or after 30minutes when i first added it. Cuz i want it to run at x:00 and x:30 so that users know when it will it happen.I also want to know how do i get a the time remaining till the cronjob is done, if this can't be done directly how do you get the time at asta host, i don't want the entire date i just want the minutes and if its >30 i subtract 30 from it, example if its 49, it is shown as 19.Finally after the number is gotten i want a countdown timer to begin and when it hits 0 the page refreshes, i have the java script for the countdown and refreshing but how do i get and send the number to it.

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