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How To Re-install Office 2003 Trial Tips for reinstalling Office after trial ends.

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This a tip for how to Re-install the Microsoft's Office 2003 Trial software. This may also apply for the Office 2007 suite. This may also work if you uninstalled the Office Trial in a new computer after the grace period runs out and try to reinstall the Office suite but fail to get it to run because the trial period has expired. The following steps are a result of personal troubleshooting and testing the trial suites in my virtual sandbox (testing in virtual images, not trying to work around the trial period).

1. Uninstall the software with the 'Add & Remove Programs.

2. Remove all references in the registry at the following locations:

3. Remove traces of files at the following locations:
Document & Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
Document & Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Office
Document & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office

* Administrator refers to the user account that installed the Office Suite. Also check the username you
previous ran the office program from (the user profile you use)

4. Reboot the computer

5. Reinstall from an Internet download or an 'Office Trial CD'.

6. Register software trial via the Internet if you have a connection. Enjoy ;)

** Non-Microsoft related: Try out OpenOffice 2.4.1, an open source productivity suite comparable and compatible up to Microsoft Office 2003.

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I'm slightly confused concerning this tutorial. I'm not completely sure that I should accept it.
First of all, it's not completely compliant with the "Tutorial Specifications", mainly the first specification.

1. The Tutorials have to be of a bare minimum length of 500 words to be accepted.

Your post is far below this thereshold.Secondly, you should read very carefully our forum rules, see here : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/77393-welcome-to-xisto-open-discussion-free-web-hosting/

Illegal Content (ban): Posting illegal content, or referring to it with, for example, a link, and even discussing such material will not be allowed. Such material includes but is not limited to :

* Warez, or other illegally distributed software.

* Hacking tools.

* Pornography or nudity not safe for children.

What you express here could be seen as a hacking method, because a lot of newbies could not guess how to perform this, although looking for the words "Office" in windows Registry could lead to the goal. So, please, next time, avoid posting such tutorials if you don't want them to be simply removed.
And a last remark, avoid things like what you said :

This may also apply for the Office 2007 suite.

Only post tips you have found by your own experience. "This thing should work" is not enough, we could also imagine that 2007 could be more protected than 2003, and the registry keys you gave are not enough.Last but not least, you forgot giving the security advice : "do not forget to backup your registry before modifying it", some wrong click-delete could lead to a non-functional PC.

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