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Olympic Medals Panel Opera

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I made a nice simple panel to keep track of the Olympic Medals for my personal use. Then I thought some other people might be interested in it. It works for Opera Web Browser (which is the fastest web browser). Opera works with Windows, but can also be used with Linux. I am not sure about Mac Computers.

Head on over here: here to get the newest version of Opera.

Installation of Panel: It is actually very easy. Just follow the steps.

1: Check For Panel - Startup Opera and press Shift+F12. Press Panel tab at the top. Make sure Panel Placement is not off or Show panel toggle is checked.

2: Add To Panel - Click the following link, scroll down and press Get Panel and save the bookmark with the default settings.

Uninstall: Simply remove the bookmark.

Note: Once again this only works with Opera Web Browser.

The URL: Olympic Panel

Tell me what you think,

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I'm downloading Opera right now. Is there a way you can add links to thumbnail images? Another cool thing would be like a refresh for the page, maybe like the time at Olympics and your browser current time,and the time the stats have been last updated. Also a count down timer to upcoming events. Then may be a CSS theme. A ticker would be cool and or a marquee for you team/country. Just ideas here. :mellow:

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