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Moving To Fedora 9 Tutorial on how a newbie can move to using this fantastic OS Fedora 9,

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Through this Post/ tutorial, I will try to explain to newbies and experts an smoothly moving to Fedora 9. Also, I would explain only those topics that are hard to find on net, or are not well documented anywhere. These are my experience of using Linux/Fedora.


Motto: More and more people realize and get FREE from all the GATES and WINDOWS.


Table Of contents


1. Installation

2. Setting the Stage

3. Get set n Go

3.1 Play Anything

3.2 Read anything

3.3 Desktop utilities

3.4 Connect ADSL

4. Tips and Tricks

5. Remarks.


Remark: This would be a series of post as I can't write the whole thing in one go


1. Installation

Well, Installation process of Fedora is well documented on http://www.fedora.org/. One thing that these fedora community guys claim, and is to a large extent is true is that they have developed Fedora 9 keeping in mind the needs of newbies to linux. The whole installation process is smooth, without a hitch. Just one thing that you must take care of is the partitioning.


I will explain a test situation which might be a default setting for lots of us. Suppose you have a hardisk of 160 GB. And you want a dual boot on it. Then an ideal Partitioning configuration would be:

30 GB - Windows NTFS

40 GB - Fedora

5 GB /home


36 GB - /

Rest - Data

Rest I think, would be smooth. If you have Nvidia Graphics card, then you might face problem starting the anaconda software, the installer. For this you should ask your vendor to supply you with proper drivers.


** One more thing that you must keep in mind during the time setting is the time Zone. Set the time Zone same as greenwich Mean time. Don't set your local time zone, if you are using dual boot systems. The problem with local time is that the time in windows and linux would then not be synchronous.



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Help for begginerMoving To Fedora 9

thank you so much for this intro its very useful, I would like you help me step by step to instal fedora 9 or 10 I already have both of them in DVD version x86-64 since I read that is better for core 2duo and I already have the i386 which you think I should instal, I don't have any problem except that when its come to format I get lost and since my knowledge of Linux is nothing I ran too many problem I have 2 disks one for windows and ohter harddisk of 320 I make space for linux of 80Gb how I can make the formats since I am planing to start learning it and move to use more often till I get more pro and then move completely, I hope you can help me since I really been looking and not find too much things to help me, thank you so much in advance

-question by Nadim

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