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How To: Display A Members/user List. With PHP, Mysql, and HTML.

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Alright, some of you might want to display your User's or Members on your site.



1.This is to fit in with Feelay's register and Log-in scripts you can find in the tutorial section.

2.I made this to show the members of my site who is a member and what their ID is.




First off, we must set up a connection to our MySQL Database.

<?php$con = mysql_connect("localhost","database_username","database_username_password");if (!$con)  {  die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());  }
What it does:

1.It is starting a PHP document.

2.Next it sets up a connection to the database with the members table.

3.Change 'database_username' to your database username.

4.Change 'database_username_password' to your username's password.


Next, we select the database the information is stored at using the 'mysql_select_db() function.

mysql_select_db("userbase_name", $con);
What it does:

1.All it is doing is selecting a database using the connection in the first part of code.


For the next part, we will be selecting the table in which the members info is stored at, whereas the table is named 'members'.

And you want to order them by ID.

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM members ORDER BY ID");
What it does:

1.The '$result', is just a variable, so you don't have to type the function again.

2.It is selecting everything '*', from the table members and ordering it by the user's ID.


For the third part, we will be creating a HTML table to display the user information.

echo "<table border='0'><tr><th>UserName</th><th>ID</th></tr>";while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))  {  echo "<tr>";  echo "<td>" . $row['UserName'] . "</td>";  echo "<td>" . $row['ID'] . "</td>";  echo "</tr>";  }echo "</table>";
What it does:

1.You can can change the '0' in the <table border=''> tag to anything you chose.

2.The '<th>User Name</th>'&'<th>ID</th>' tags are the top of the table.

3.The 'while() function is creating an array, whereas '$row' is a variable to shorten your work, instead of typing the mysql_fetch_array() function out again.

4.The 'echo "<td>" . $row['UserName'] . "</td>";' & ' echo "<td>" . $row['ID'] . "</td>";' is just selecting the info from the table to be displayed, whereas the user/members name is stored in the column 'UserName' and the ID is stored under 'ID'.


Ending your document.

What it does:

1.It is closing the connection we made in the first part of this tutorial.

2.It is closing the <?php tag in the first part of code of this tutorial.


The Output

User Name ID

User1 1

User2 2

User3 3

User4 4

etc. etc.



That's it!

Any questions, feel free to ask.

This is my first tutorial on Xisto forums.

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Nice tutorial, Archimedes. I appreciate the way you use simple words in order to explain rather complicated things (using php to make queries into the database and displaying the results on the screen). Lucky strike for a first tuto, I hope that you will continue this way.RegardsYordan

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lol xD this is too basic :D I didn't understand because it was sooo basic :ohaha ;) almost kidding ;) this is very basic ^.^ haha, making it fit with my login/register scripts :mellow: Cool :P

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Great GuideHow To: Display A Members/user List.

I have tryingfor 3 days to find a way to display only certain fields in my Joomla User database as and address book. I had already modified the registration script and the database itself to include phone numbers and such, but did not know enough about php/mysql to display them as a list, while excluding other information in the table.Your guide worked perfectly. Thank you!!

-reply by Jason


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Displaying user listHow To: Display A Members/user List.

 Till now the Article is nice...

But my requirement is that entries have to be displayed in Html text boxes and the modifications done here r to be reflected in the Database...

can u please help me regarding this...The database table and the Html page should be in synchronization...

-reply by anki


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how to list how many users are login in phpHow To: Display A Members/user List.

hi  I am creating a chat system 

there is 2 problems

1). How to show the list of login users in php using database...

2).How to open differnent windows in same link

for example

lets 1st user is chatting I want the second user go for chat it open a new window

Thanks in advance!

-reply by kamal


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