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Hi all!I would like to know if anybody use DesktopBSD.Is it works fine?I'm using fedora core 8.. and i'm updating to 9!I want to test DesktopBSD.. Please tell me something.Thanks.

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wat is desktopbsd freebsd

Huh? Do you really want to know the answer to such a question ?
Have a look here : http://www.desktopbsd.net/

Welcome to DesktopBSD!
DesktopBSD aims at being a stable and powerful operating system for desktop users.

DesktopBSD combines the stability of FreeBSD, the usability and functionality of KDE and the simplicity of specially developed software to provide a system that's easy to use and install.

So, if you have a look at the other topics concerning this question, you will notice that a new tendency is towards a very ugly tiles-style graphic environment for some popular Linux distros.
And most of smart users know that KDE is the most comfortable and user-friendly graphical environment, and when packaged in a FreeBSD distro, true Unix lovers feel close to heaven.
And of course, we are playing in the "open" world here, so, if a guru like me tells you something, another guru will tell you exactly the opposite version.
And, you know what, both versions are true!

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