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Auto Volume Controller For Windows

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This is a .NET Application I initially built for my own needs and am now thinking of releasing it as a shareware. But, before I do that, I thought of getting some valuable feedback from you guys.


Basically, the software turns your system volume up or down attempting to match the sound level chosen by you. It only works on Microsoft Windows Vista, taking advantage of the new architecture which allows detection of the volume level. I came across a software that could do something like this for XP and older operating systems. But, it required sound cards with meter controls.




Play music on your media player without worrying about sudden rise in volume (protects the ear when its jacked onto a headphone). It should work with games too, but I haven't tested it.


Settings for the software are very simple and can be done in the runtime and in the main window itself.

Auto Levelling Check Box -> Enables/Disables automatic levelling of master volume for the system.

Volume Drop Speed -> The speed at which the volume is decreased when it exceeds the desired level.

Volume Rise Speed -> The speed at which the volume is increased when it goes below the desired level.

Current Volume Level -> Shows the current system volume. Dragging this TrackBar also allows the volume to be changed manually (difficult to do at runtime).

Tolerance -> Tolerance determines how much unit of sound the software allows to fluctuate from the desired level, before trying to adjust the volume.

Restore Volume Level on Exit -> When the application exits (through the tray icon), it sets the system volume back to the level it was before the application started.

Maintain Master Sound Level -> This is the main setting which sets the desired sound output level.

Display Refresh Speed -> To reduce the CPU usage, the refresh frequency for the progress bar can be reduced. Minimizing the Window to the tray also helps.

Levelling Frequency -> Determines how often the Levelling operation takes place. Lower value reduces CPU usage.

Download From Maxotek



Windows Vista

.NET Framework 3.5


Nag Screen

Evaluation version can only run for 10 minutes at a stretch.

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Kinda hard to test ...Auto Volume Controller For Windows


... When there's no download available.

 Oh, yeah ... Also hard to check with a ten-minute time limit.  I realize your wish to profit from this tool, but a fair trial is in order to determine suitability to need/task.

 For instance, I encounter a lot of Web pages with auto-starting audio/video (a/v), but seldom know when that will happen.  Since that's the reason I'm looking at the product, a ten-minute test interval is totally inadequate.

However, the same thing would apply if I were listening to CDs ... Make that interval a few days to a week in order to evaluate suitability - still a very short time frame, but ten minutes just won't cut it.

-reply by barney


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