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How To Make An Test-based Rpg Game! This is a step by step tutorial of how to make a RPG test-based game

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Hello this is Convictlife and i have made an RPG game and for you noobs out there i will be explaining


Here is a breif structure of this post:


1. Getting your codes.

2. Getting your host.

3. Uploading your codes.

4. Configuring your codes.

5. MySQL

6. phpMyAdmin

7. CronJobs

8. Editing

9. Finalizing


Getting Your Codes!


First of all you need codes that will power your website.


If you are a master coder (like Dabomstew) then you can code these codes yourself, but if you are "so-so" then you will need to get codes from somewhere.

I got my codes from Mccodes.

This is a great website that allows you to buy quality codes at a cheap price or get a reduced but free version of MC-CODES.V.1.0.1

Or you can get the good code base ($75) or the great code base ($300)


Getting Your Host


You need a good host that allows the following

At Least 100MB Of Web Disk Pace (public_html)

At least 2GB of monthly bandwidth or 150mb daily bandwidth



cPanel or Vistapanel

File Maganger

File Editor

MySQL (at least one database limit)

MySQL Users


One you get this host and your website is activiated then you can start building you website!


Uploading Your Codes




If you have cPanel X or Vistapanel you can upload files by going to File Maganger or Legacy File Manager (Only cPanel X) and clicking on Upload.


Upload all your files that you recieved in your code folder except for files like index.php, index.html, index.txt, install.txt and copying.txt


Make sure all you files are being uploaded to you public_html (web root)


Configuring your codes


After you have uploaded all your codes then you need to tweak them a bit.


First we will start with your game logo, upload a logo with the following dimensions 129x692 and call it logo.png (save it as a PGN format)


Then go to a file called header.php and over here you can change the design of you game (note: you will have to do login.php and register.php seperatly as header.php dosn't affect these)

When you are in header.php go to a section that displays:



body { font-family:helvetica, arial, geneva, sans-serif;font-size:12;color: red;

scrollbar-base-color: #005B70;

scrollbar-arrow-color: #F3960B;

scrollbar-DarkShadow-Color: #000000; }

a:visited,a:active,a:hover,a:link { color: red;text-decoration: none; }

table,tr,td { font-family:helvetica, arial, geneva, sans-serif;font-size: 12; }

img { border:none; }

textarea { font-family:helvetica, arial, geneva, sans-serif;font-size:12;color: black; }



Here you can change the test-size and color just rename the part in bold (NOTE DONT TAKE OUT ANY OF THE ;)


Then you go to the section that displays:


print "<body bgcolor='#000000'>


Just rename the part in bold in HEX color codes


Then go to the part:


<title>Your Game Name</title>


Put you game name into the bold space.




MySQL is a easy storage service that your site needs!


In cPanel X you can find MySQL under Databases.


After you do that create a Database called db (NOTE NORMALLY YOUR SERVER NAME WILL BE PUT IN FRONT SO IT WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS: yourservername_db)

Then create a MySQL user called user and assosiate user with the database with ALL PRIVALGES


Then open the file called mysql.php and open that file

Then go to the part that says:



$c = mysql_connect('localhost', 'yourdatabsename[.b]', 'youdatabaseuserspassword');

mysql_select_db('yourdatabasename', $c);




Edit the parts in bold.



After you did that your MySQL will be ready




phpMyAdmin can be found in cPanel X uder databases


Click on phpMyAdmin and you will be redirected to the offical phpMyAdmin homepage.

Click on your databases name and then on Import

You should have recived a file called dbdata.sql or othername.sql please select that a click IMPORT


After that your storage facility is complete!




On your webserver create a folder called crons then upload all your cron files e.g cron_5mins or cron_day etc...


Then your crons are complete




In this stage you edit all that you nned to using you webservers 'EDIT' button!




This is the final stage, in this stage you can advertise your site in various sites the best of which is TOPRPGAMES




Any Problems PM Me!

Edited by Convictlife
No need for HUGE letters! (see edit history)

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This is somewhat off topic from the online text based rpg but if you wanted to create a simple offline text based rpg you could do the following.1. Get a copy of visual basic or some other simple programming language.2. learn the basics of that language. 3. Code a simple program that allows you to make decisions which base how the game plays through out. I made a simple rpg with in the first 5 days of learning visual basic so it wont take very long at all and your friends will think your the coolest.P.S. Convict Life is very right all of that will work and im sure his instructions are well enough to give you details about how to make one in visual basic

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Do NOT download MCCODEs, Its nothing but bugs and the main developers of it are kids that enjoy placing back doors in the code. -reply by someone

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You definitely DON'T want to download McCodes if your a beginner, like the guy above said, it's full of bugs and the code is poorly writing. So by thinking that this will make you a better programmer, you'll be wrong. It will f*ck you up. Seriously.There are better Text-based rpg scripts out there for free, just keep looking.

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Were Then

How To Make An Test-based Rpg Game!


Can sombody please tell me were I can get decent codes (not bugs) I havent got a clue how to code but I am seting up a game was going to buy from mccodes but after your reviews not so sure now can sombody please tell me were I can get some codes from thank-you





-reply by John

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Easy CodesHow To Make An Test-based Rpg Game!Replying to iGuest 
Well you could try with Dragon Knight. Its a very simple game, and great for beginners.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ just download the files and easily edit them to your standards. 
-reply by Soanage

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MC-CodesHow To Make An Test-based Rpg Game!

The reason you can tell that mc-codes is a "no-no" is because they sell you a bugged version for 75 dollar. Any decent programmer will make sure his customer gets what he payed for, nothing more but surely nothing less. He will have his code unit-tested and and allow security updates for the package the customer payed for through svn repository for example.

What you all are looking for is called a framework something that allows you to write the look-and-feel of the website (html and css) while the framework takes care of all the logic.

For those interested in such frameworks with decent support I would strongly suggest taking a look at sourceforge.Net and using a search query along the lines of:

<game-type> framework

try rpg framework and you will already find more then enough results both desktop (java, c++) and web (php, python, ..) related.

My 2 cents for all ambiguous game developers.

-reply by Ignace


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I guess you guys who think Mccodes creators are kids who put backdoors in the coding you are newbies yourself as I know for a fact the coders and owner of Mccodes are not kids as some of them are my friends  and only the Mccode V1 Lite And V1 Version are the buggy ones the Mccode V2 Set is perfect for newbies so eh to those who said the Mccode Creators are kids who put backdoors in the codin.

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Has any one got a FREE webhost with all these features? because i need one thanks :)

err frazz, Xisto is a free webhost with all those features and more.

And as for this mccodes thing, I know someone who was stupid enough to buy it after I told him not to, the coding is a complete mess (yes I'm talking about v2). I could have written it in a day and it offers very limited unique functionality when compared to other online rpg's. They say it's a great starting point for beginners, yet you would have to be a minimum of intermediate before you can start properly using the engine.

I'm going to be writing a full tutorial on creating an advanced text-based online rpg soon and will be posting it in the tutorials section. It will show serious developers how create their own rpg, will definately blow mccodes out of the water, and best of all it will be free.

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$c = mysql_connect('localhost', '**********[.B]', '*******');

mysql_select_db('yourdatabasename', $c);




That's what I have for the MySQL.Php and I keep getting the error:


#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '<?php$c = mysql_connect('localhost', 'a7345447_db[.B]', 'Relentless1')' at line 1 

-reply by Kaid

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Text-based RPG codebaseHow To Make An Test-based Rpg Game!

Just to add to this discussion, anyone interested in developing text-based rpgs also does well in looking for MUD codebases (Multi User dungeon)MUD being a term that is actually more common for these kinds of games.There should be several open-source ones available, as well as enough documentation to work on your own.

-reply by rood

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