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Mccodes All about MCcodes

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MCcodes is cool. Gives you codes for Text Based Games. Torn City was made off of the 2.0 version, and many more games were made but most used the 1.01 or the free version., but there are some faults in some of these MCcodes.

MCcodes lite version:Price:FREE
Details: It gives you small amounts of codes for your game. home,items,city,gym,fed jail, city bank, estate agent, travel agencies, city stats and city staff, users, usersonline, thats about it for the free version theres a bit more i didn't go into everything for this as it isn't very good. There are some bad things in it. Admin Panel - edit user do not work! Mail some times screws up and stops working , stats
money and much more is just givin with out notice.


MCcodes Version 1.1:
Things you will be getting:

* Shops
* Item Market
* Crystal Market
* Travel Agency
* Estate Agent
* City Bank
* Cyber Bank
* Gangs
* Gang Wars
* Federal Jail
* Slots Machine
* Cyber Slots
* Roulette
* Crystal Temple
* User List
* MC Staff
* Hall of Fame
* Country Stats
* Users Online

* Admin Panel
* Secretary Panel
* Assistant Panel
* Mailing System
* Donating pages + Donations accepting page
* Local School
* Battle Stats
* Gym
* Crimes

MC source 1.0 may have bugs and its not 100% hack proof source codes. It is a great start for you to own your own RPG game online. As it progresses, then you will need to enchance the game even more with MCcodes.com.

So try to get the codes for free tongue.gif


MCcodes Version 2.0-Fresh install (1 license)
Support: A support period of 30 days is offered.

-Internet Info Table
-Multiple Polls
-Hidden Polls
-CAPTCHA Test on Registration
-User can be rewarded an item and/or crystals for succeeding a crime (as well as just money)
-User can goto jail for failing a crime
-Jail added
-Crime XP system added
-Improved User info on login
-Attacking, mugging, leaving, hosping etc.
-Major Item Overhaul
-Database drivers
-Improved cronjobs
-Contacts list
-New fresh Skin
-Settings table which means you don't have to edit files such as donator.php to fill in your PP address or header.php to change your game name, you just set a setting =)
-General Optimization (reduced Queries in a lot of files)
-Player Notes
-Lucky Boxes
-Send Crystals (can be turned off/on in settings)
-Bank Xfers (can be turned off/on in settings)
-HallofFame Filters (non-donators, donators, or all users)
-Delete All Events
-Fully Featured Staff Panel

MCC1 mods Included in the MCC2 package by default:
-Polling Booth*
-Advanced Attacking*
-Player Notes
-Lucky Boxes
-Upgrade Advisor (diagnoses your MCC1 game to see if upgrade to MCC2 will be ok)

While MCC1 shipped with premade items, crimes, etc, MCC2 ships with none of the above. You can add your own items and crimes and the like from the Staff Panel.

Thats all i have to say about MCcodes right now.

What you need to install MCcodes game to work:

You need a webhost + Mysql Database + PHPmyadmin + cron jobs

onces you have the codes upload them to your webhost and go to the website.change the login.php to installer.php in the address bar. Then a page will come up with a form it asks for your Databases info and The Admin info fill that out. then after you filled it out with the right info about DBase and Admin. then press install. If install is successful a page will appear with some cron jobs you have to put in for the game to load its energy ,crime ext.) bars. go to your webhost and you will see a cron job icon click on it and insert the cron jobs and after that your game will be up and runnning.. but you will have to edit the codes as i dought you want the sytyle they give you.

hopefully that helped.
Edited by Jeigh (see edit history)

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May I point out that the donator.Php and the add city in the script DO NOT work at all so unless you are into coding 300 dollars would be a lot of cash to spend on ver 2.0


Learnt through experience.

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What are you talking about?.......My Add cities works fine also donater.php works to just need a Paypal account.. so i dont know wats up wit your stuff. and i got my codes for free i dont worry cause my friend got them for me..

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This isn't particularly helpful to me, but please stop posting the same message!! You have reposted this 5 times and it is very unfair that you are earning credits for all these posts.I don't really think that the paid or free versions are worth it.

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The idea of getting free code portions in order to assist with development of online games seems like a cool idea, but this sounds like it could be hoaxish or force money out of the user instead of being as free as implied. Either way in theory its a great idea so that people can use methods and whatnot developed to handle the basic things all web based text games do and just let the user focus on building the customizations. I know in corporate software developement its not uncommon to do similarly and buy applications or portions of stock code to cut down on the developement time required.As a side note, I removed all of his re-posts and gave him a warning, if you see unfair posting like that... thats what the report feature is for :(

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mccodes bug



Can anyone help me with a bug ive got?

No matter what I set the experience to it does not affect the users level in the game


-question by endo

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Hi, I'm taking lessons in the summer of 09 on developing videogames using Java. I'm already setting up a site for my game which I plan to call Metalyard Online... But for now I want the people that will hopefully check out the website to be able to play a game that I am currently trying to set up (using mccodes lite). I have the mysql all set up to where I need to install the crons and I was wondering where to install them because I'm using windows and don't see a "cPanel" file. Where do I install the crons? I really need help.Thanks in advanced,Jason JonesP.S. If youd like to check out the site it will be up Friday probably. Its just a Beta site though. Email me at metalyard att gmail.Com for the site URL.-reply by Metalyard

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_level



Ok I installed mccodes and when I go to login with the admin username I put in the installation setup I get this error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_level() in /home/a7803823/public_html/loggedin.Php on line 32


I am really stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated! Email me or post here.


-reply by debrickshaw

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Torncity was not v2 mccodes it is a custom engine.


I don't think so. I saw all those MCCODES V2. Exactly the same. I also play TC for like 800 days and see how it change. If ched said it was custom script, i say not. It was MCCODES and ched customize it.

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