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"Sighandler_t Typedef" Header

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I've been told to look for the "sighandler_t typedef" header, the correct file (signal.h) exists where it should be, but I don't get grep results, which is probably due to my dumbness. Any suggests for grep commands or which header?

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If you know the full path for the signal.h file (mine is /usr/include/sys/signal.h) use grep this way :

grep -i sighandler /usr/include/sys/signal.h
Another slightly more complicated way would be to do :
set -xfor i in `find  / -print | grep signal.h`dogrep -i sighandler $idoneset +x
First try the first way, to test your grep skills.
The second way is a funny way.
"set -x" makes the shell to be verbose, issuing each grep command.
the "find" generates the full path for each file named "something.essai.h" and gives it to the $i variable
The "grep" finds the "sighandler" string in the config.h file.
I use this more sophisticated way because there may be several signal.h on your system.
In mine, they are :

# find /usr -print |grep signal.h/usr/include/signal.h

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