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What's Wrong With My Php Webpage? there may be something wrong in my php code.

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This is the first time I use the functions fopen() and preg_replace() . It seems that there's somthing wrong. Where did I write by mistake?

<?phpinclude('data/workinfo/0.php');$viewwork = substr($work[0],0,249);/* HERE CAN'T WORK WELL! */$newthread = fopen("http://c8s2007.freetzi.com/bbs/new.php?action=article&digest=0&postdate=0&author=1&fname=0&hits=0&replies=1&pre=6&num=10&length=35&order=1", "rb");if(!$newthread){		$newthread = "无法调用信息";	}else{		$ad = "</div></span></ilayer></layer></iframe></noframes></style></noscript></script></applet></xmp></pre></comment></xml></noembed>";		$ad .= "<script type='text/javascript'";		$ad .= "src='http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;;		$ad .= "</script>";		$newthread = preg_replace($ad, "", $newthread);};/* HERE CAN'T WORK WELL! */echo <<< EOT<div class="container"><div class="side">	<div class="credit_info"><h2>最近更新</h2><ul>	<li><img src="daily/2007-11-24-1.jpg" />	<p>参加â无车日â千人骑车活动</p>	</li>	<li><img src="daily/2007-11-24-2.jpg" />	<p>运动会中我们留下了美好的记忆我们不是最好的但我们可以更好...</p>	</li>	</ul></div></div><div class="content">	<div id="announcement"><div id="announcementbody">		<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrolldelay="170" onMouseOver="this.stop();" onMouseOut="this.start();">		<script src="http://c8s2007.007ihost.com/bbs/new.php?action=notice&num=5&date=1&length=30"></script>		</marquee>	</div></div>	<div class="box"><h4>Class 8, Senior 2007</h4><table>		<tr><td width="33%">		<h2><a href="index.php?page=photo">班级相册</a></h2><p>放置我们留下的每一个瞬间。</p>		</td>		<td width="33%">		<h2><a href="index.php?page=creation">班级作品展</a></h2><p>这里准备放设计的作品文章等等。</p>		</td>		<td width="33%">		<h2><a href="bbs/">班级论坛</a></h2><p>灌水的好去处。发挥你灌水的本能....</p>		</td>		</tr><tr>		<td>		<h2><a href="index.php?page=teacher">教师风采</a></h2><p>展示我们最最可爱的老师。</p>		</td>		<td>		<h2><a href="bbs/thread.php?fid=10">留言本</a></h2><p>对网站的任何意见都可以在这里提出来。</p>		</td>		<td>		<h2></h2><p></p>		</td>		</tr></table>	</div>	<div class="mainbox"><h1>主页内容</h1><table><thead><tr>		<td width="33%">最新图片</td>		<td width="33%">最新作品</td>		<td width="33%">最新论坛帖子</td>		</tr></thead><tbody><tr>		<td><script src="include/pixviewer.js"></script></td>		<td><p><b>$worklist[0]</b>($author[0])</p> $viewwork âŚâŚ<br><p><strong><a href="index.php?page=creation&id=0">查看详细</a></strong></p></td>		<td><script>$newthread</script></td>		</tr></tbody></table>	</div></div></div>EOT;?>

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You are trying to remove some fixed portion of the text read from the remote file, correct? There's no use for a regular expression over there. Besides, the pattern you are specifying as the first parameter for the preg_replace function is not much of a regular expression either. Just use substr_replace function, that would do the job.


P.S. I was unsure if a remote file with query in the URL could be read using fopen but none of the documentation pages depict that.


You should post the code inside the [ code ] [ /code ] tags. Codes are not meant to fetch you Credits. Better make this change yourself. You'll loose a lot more points as penalty, if a moderator changes it.

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Which PHP version do you use and what is the exactly error code/message that you receive if available???


do you try to do the same thing using cUrl??? because i know that it has more or less the same functionality.


Take a look to these pages at the online PHP manual:

Filesystem - allow_url_fopen

Using remote files

List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers

Best regards,

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