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Gimp 2.4 Font problems

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I recently got Gimp 2.4, and have never worked with it. I've figured out the basics, but something I can't understand is how to download new fonts into the font library. Can someone help?

I'm guessing that you are using The Gimp for windows, right???? well, in this case and if i remember correctly -i don't use The Gimp for a long long time- all the configuration of fonts are managed by a library called Fontconfiguration or something like that, and it can be accesed by your user preferences dialog or by the command line, and you can install fonts to use with The Gimp in two ways:

Adding fonts for system-wide use.

Adding fonts for The Gimp only.

In both cases, you only need to copy your fonts to a specific folder, for the second one this folder is located under your user folder, for example c:\document and settings\username\fonts or something like that.


Also, it is recommended that you download and install the help files and the User Manual that are provided as a separate package, for more information visit the GIMP for Windows page.


Best regards,

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i only download fonts to the computers font folder. just download a font (.ttf file) and put it in the fonts folder in your windows folder on the hard drive.i havent used the gimp ever since i got photoshop and still i never used it much. im not that good with the gimp but installing a font isnt really to do with the gimp its self.

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