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I have been looking around for new games for quite awhile now.Hopefully something PC based (I know of most console games I wish to play, and some the console and games are very difficult to obtain these days, like some Sega Saturn RPG's I had the opportunity of playing once while in Brisbane).I am more into RPG's than anything, heck even something that resembled a SNES rpg for the PC, but of the same or greater quality would be absolutely great.I am however not interested in Multi Player games, especially not Multi Player ONLY games (I hate those, like WoW).Just to make things easier for suggestions, my hardware is pretty much:3ghz Celeron.1gb of DDR ram.256mb GeForce 5500.So I can't exactly run todays full on games all that well lol.It'd be hard for me to list all the games I have already tried, so if something is mentioned I have played before, I will let you know.And although I mostly lean towards RPG's, I play most genre's of games.Any help is greatly appreciated!

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