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BuffaloHelp told me about AEF in the shoutbox a while ago now so i thought id download it and try it out.

If you want to see it, ive uploaded it here.

its only new i think but its one of the best free forums ive seen. i thought phpbb3 was the best you could possibly get for free but i think this just proved me wrong. i think the AEF development team have done really well.

i recommend this if you want a good free forum!

i also found another nice thing, down the bottom it has these buttons that like get bigger when u go over them, its so cool, lol.

the default design is also really nice, as soon as i looked at it i thought of media player 11 for some reason.

This Bulletin board or forum software has all the general features that a forum software should have. It also includes features such as : - News System with articles
- ShoutBox
- Suggest Framework for usernames while writing PM's
- Threaded Mode for topics
- Domdrag for reordering Categories, Forums, emoticons (A new feature included for the first time ever in a forum software.) - JS DOCK for easy navigation(A first from AEF)
- WYSIWYG Editors
- Customizable Themes

although i cant find how to get the shoutbox to work, it seems like a really good feature especially since u dont have to look for a mod.

all in all, i like this and i reckon most of you will too!

by the way, the site is http://www.anelectron.com/

EDIT: i found out how to get the shoutbox on :blink:
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