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Rags To Riches Iv - My Best Guide another awesome runescape guide

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Rags To Riches IV- The Final Chapter

The best money making guide EVER!





From Rags to Riches IV- The Final Chapter



~ Rags to Riches Iv- The final chapter ~ Has all the money making ideas that the high levels don’t want you to know. They have been trying to keep the secrets away from you for years. They don’t want you to know how they make all the money. But guess what? Mobil and I do want you to know.


~ In Runescape money = power. If you don’t have a lot of money even if you’re a high level people just don’t respect you. Well, that’s all about to change. I’ve spent hours and hours perfecting this guide so you guys can learn the secrets to make money in Runescape. I guarantee you if you play only an hour a day you will be making a 3 million gp plus a week. In this guide no lie, you can probably make up to a bill in a couple months. Just follow this guide step by step.


~ You’ve been trying to make money. You have been Struggling to survive in Runscape. Your tired of begin poor. You want the phats, the rares, the money, for little to no work. You can do that in this guide. This guide will tell you the secrets that the high levels have been keeping for years.


~ The Rags To Riches series is the most famous of all the money making guides. You’ve read RTR 1, 2, and 3. You’ve made the millions. But have you made the hundreds of millions? Have you made the billions? This is the Final Chapter in the Rags To Riches Saga. Are you ready?





Table of Contents

1- Introductions


2- Little but effective


3- Getting your first 300k


4- 300k-1m


5- 1m-5m


6- 5m-10m


8- 10m+


9- The Secrets to Phat Merchanting


10- A Big Secret


11- Skills


12- Unid Merchanting


13- You Be The Boss


14- Player Killing


15- Pot Merchanting


16- Getting The Most Out Of Autoing


17- Dueling


18- Trimmed Armors


19- Log Merchanting


20- Maintaining Your Own Kingdom


20- Conclusion




Little but Effective


Here all the little but very effective ways to make the big money. Or if you’re just bored with big merchanting you can do these methods to keep your incomes flowing.




I personally think snapegrass is a very good way to earn that quick buck. Probably one of the best ways to be honest with you. Go to Water birth Island. Now pick the snapegrass and then run to seers or your house in Remington and bank it. Snapegrass is in pretty high demand because of prayer pots, witch are in high demand because of player killers. {Let’s all bow our heads and take a moment of silence for the player killers that help us make a lot of money}. You can sell snapegrass for an amazing 350-500 ea. To maximize profits find a good old’ newb and tell him you will pay him 200-300 ea for every thousand snapgrass he collects for you. This way if you get say 800 snapegrass an hour and he gets about 500 snapegrass an hour that’s 420k an hour selling the snape grass at 400 ea! Imagine having 2 or 3 newbs working for you. Can you say super rich 3 times fast? Try it. Superichesuperrichsuperich. Good job.


Here is the fastest way to get snape grass out. It’s straight up amazing.

Requirements- 1st) You must have completed the Fremennik Trials quest.

2nd) You must have a Lyre.

3rd) 76+ Fishing and 40+ Agility are highly recommended.

4th) Have some knowledge of the quest Temple Of Ikove

5th) Have 1 pair of boots of lightness.

6th) Have around 5 – 10 Glory Amulets.

7th) Have around 25 – 100 Raw Sharks. (Note: Fish like sea turtle and manta ray give you more of a charge then sharks)

8th) You must have completed hero’s guild quest (You have to recharge your Glory Amulets)

9th) You may also use rings of Dueling to teleport to Castle Wars


In your inventory have only a charged glory amulet, and a charged lyre. For your equipment wear a charged glory, and boots of lightness. Go to water birth and collect the snape grass like usual. Then this is what you’re going to want to do.

1st) Have everything you need on you. Rub your lyre and teleport to Fremennik .

2nd) Run to a Fremennik dock and talk to Jarvald. Go to Water birth Island.

3rd) Pick up 26 Snape Grass.

4th) Teleport to Edgeville and bank your grass.

5th) Take out a raw shark and teleport to Fremennik .

6th) Go to the Strange Altar where the water goddess is. Place a shark on the altar and Fossegrimen appears, she will recharge your lyre.

7th) Repeat this process .

8th) Don’t forget to recharge your glory amulets.


You can get up to 600 snape grass an hour or more doing this.


White Berries

Here’s another little but effective way to earn the big cash. What you want to do is bring a bad weapon with you and pull the leaver in Ardy to get to 55 wild. Now go near the red dragon isle until you see the white berries. You can get 900-1k ea for these easily. Once you get a full inventory bank them in ardy. Once again you can get a newb friend to help you get them. This time pay him 400 ea. He will think your God. If you each get 600 an hour you will make upwards of 800k an hour. Nice work that’s your new whip in less then 2 hours.


Red Spider Eggs


These can be found in edgy dungeon. Go north past the thieves then you will see them. Remember to watch out for the pkers, who would be more then happy to take all your ****, even if you don’t have any **** on you. Lower levels watch out for the red spiders. If you’re under level 50 I don’t recommend you do this. They are aggressive and will gang up on your *bottom*. The eggs sell for 500 ea. It takes around 5 minutes a trip. 28x500= 14k a trip. 14kx12= 168k+ an hour. May not be the best but it’s pretty easy if you think about it.


Chocolate Bars


One of the god’s of money for low levels and high levels alike. If you have done Recipe of Disaster then go to the 2 chests in Lumby. Buy the bars out of one chests and then bank them in the other chests. World hop until you get your desired amount of chocolate bars. Then go to the herblore section of the Runescape forums and sell the bars for 4-500 each. If you are having trouble selling the bars, grind em up into chocolate dust. Then sell the dusts for what ever price the buyers are buying. Some times selling the dust/bars may not be the easiest. You might want to join a herblore company so that you always have a perm buyer.


All of you may not have done Recipe of Disaster. In this case you’re going to want to go to Nardah. Takes Ali’s magic carpet to get over to Nardah. Go to the stalls and trade with “ Rokuh “. Buy then bank. World hop as needed. Then follow the selling instructions above.


Pure Essence


You may be thinking, how am I going to get rich by mining essence? Wtf Oliver. Well, pure essence sells for 100-100 each. That’s about 3k an inventory. That’s pretty good. Look at it like this. 3 minutes to mine and bank an inventory. Without distraction, 20 loads an hour. 20 loads an hour is 60k an hour. That’s not too bad, especially since it is easy as hell. Or you could use Wizzups? Free essence miner and make money while you eat and sleep.




Getting Your First 300k



So, to start out serious merchanting you need 300k cash. To get this you can do a few things.


Nature/Law Run


This is pretty simple but can get boring very easily. To Nat run you find a crafter on the official runescape fourms who will pay 7-10k per run or will do double nats. I think double nats are always better. You may get really lucky and find a crafter who provides their own essence, but this is pretty rare. Then you bring your essence to him and he will trade you 25 noted essence plus the money ( or the nats ). You run to the general store unnote the essence and go again. Assuming your making 8k a run and it takes 2 minutes a run, this will only take 74 minutes. That’s 300k an hour within it self!


To law run bring the essence to entranta to a law running world and trade the people your essence for laws. You could find the law running worlds on the fourms also. Laws go for 300-350 ea so you’re making 200-250k for every 1k laws you do. You can sell the laws in dryanor bank where your law running, or on the fourms. If you ever see anybody buying laws 1k ea in the bank, you can also sell to them for that extra profit.

Overall rating- 9/10




Go south of seers village until you see a flax field. Pick that blue stuff then when you get a full inventory bank it. Now, a lot of people are going to tell you to spin it so you can get 180-200 ea for a bow string. But you can pick about 2 inventories of flax in the time you can spin one inventory of bowstrings. If you do spin it you can sell it for 200 each on the crafting/fletching forum. So I guess who are making the same amount of cash, so if you need crafting exp, spin it. Get 3k flax or 1.5k bowstrings. and then you’re ready.

Overall rating- 5/10


~ Eyes of Newts ~

The port sarim mage shops sells eyes of newts for 3 gp ea. Last time I checked 1k eye of newts can go for about 250k. That’s a 247k profit every 1k eye of newts you get. Do this one or two times and you will be all set. This is pretty good money but can get very boring at times.

Overall rating- 6/10


~ 300k-1m ~


So, you have 300k. Congratulations. I hope your not tired yet, because your journey to hundred of mills had just begun! Now time for your first million.



~ Water Filled Vials~


Ok, so you probably think I am crazy. Your thinking Oliver I am going to make 700k off water filled vials??!?! Are you high?!?!? The answer to both questions is yes. Nahhh just joking about the second one, but the first one is yes you can. Go to East Ardy general store. Buy the water filled vials for 12 ea. With 300k you can get 25k water filled vials. I am not that crazy. I am only asking you to get 5k of them. 5k water filled vials will cost you 60k. Bank them going west its quicker then banking near the sheep. You can sell them for 200-250 ea. You’re making 1.1m profit in only 5 hours if that. You can do these all the way to 10m but if I were you, I would stop here.


Another way to get vials is to go to catherby. Right behind the bank is a farming shop. Buy a ton of plant cures, bank and repeat. Then empty all of them. Then fill them back up. Im not sure if this is quicker then buying them from ardy. It might be since a lot of people buy from ardy now.

Overall rating- 8/10



~ Water Runes ~


If you do this right, you can double your money every time. Literally. Go to the port sarim rune shop and buy the water runes until they hit 15 ea. They switch worlds and do it again. You can get about 25k-30k water runes. (this does not take as long as you think ). Then go on the forums and sell these baby’s for 20 -25ea. if you got 25k you can sell for 500k. Keep repeating this as much as you want or until 1m.


Another way to do this, is to buy water runes on the fourms for 15-20 ea. Then either sell them on the fourms for 25 ea, or at world 2 fally. That would work well also, and it will save your wrist.

Overall rating- 9/10


~ Bronze Arrows ~


Believe it or not I made 11m off of these. What you want to do is go to the arrow shop in varrock and buy them out, then switch worlds. They cost a max of 6ea so you can get 50k arrows. Now sell these on forums for 20 ea. Exactly 1m. You can also buy these arrows off the fourms for 15 each. Then you can re- sell them for 20 ea. Pretty good deal.

Overall rating- 10/10


~ Cooked Lobsters ~


Go to the fourms and buy these for 190-200 gp ea. Now make your way to edgeville in a busy f2p pking world. Sell them for 230-250 ea. All those pkers will need the lobbies. If no body is buying in edgy, you may want to go to a crowded east varrok f2p place. Pretty nice profit if I don’t say so myself.

Overall rating 6/10


~ Nature Runes ~


You can buy these in Ali’s crate/mage shop for 225 ea. Sell them on the fourms for 330-350 ea. Almost 100 gp profit per nat! This is amazing profit, and really easy at the same time. I haven’t tried this yet but trust me it sound fail-proof. You can’ t lose.

Overall rating-8/10


~ Rannar Seeds~


What you want to do with these is go to a world with 1000-1500 people. Then you’re going to buy rannar seeds for 15k each. You may be thinking, 15k zomggg. But then turn around and go to the farming forum. You will find a million n a half people buying for 18-20k each. Sell for 20k each and make a 100k profit. Repeat this a couple times to be on your way to richness. Fast and easy. 8/10


~ Dragon Long ~


Buy this is the varrock and the seers bank. Or just find some random people walking around with them. Offer to buy them for 90k ea. Then when you have 1-10+ sell them on the fourms or you could sell them at a fairly crowded world at seers, for 100-110k ea. I give this a 6/10



~ 1m - 5m ~


Yay! you have your first mill. DO NOT SPEND IT. You have made it this far, and you are probably really proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, eat some milk and cookies and come back totally refreshed because your about to make 5m.


You can do any of the methods that I have above. Only this time you can do it in bulk. For example, you can buy 166k bronze arrows at 6 each. You can sell these for 3.3m, Even if you only want to do 100k that’s still 2m. Or u can do about 110k water runes. Now if you’re bored of those listen to these methods.




~ Pure Essence ~

This is one of my favorite methods. Go to a crowded p2p world in varrock east bank and buy pure ess for 90 ea. You can also go to fally world 2, a little west of the bank, is where they sell the runes. You can get 11k essence. Then go and sell it for 105-115 ea on the fourms. I use to make 1m an hour doing this.

Overall rating- 7/10


~ Cooked Lobsters ~


This time you can buy 5k lobbies at 190 ea. I suggest buying them world one, varrock west. Sell them for 250 ea and make 300k profit a flip.

Overall rating 7/10



~ Oaks to Planks ~


Do the amount of money you have divided by 290. (1m is 3.4k) It cost 40 gp each oak log and 250 ea to make them into oak planks. Now put all your money in your inventory and withdraw 27 oaks. Go make them into planks. Now you can sell oak planks for 500 ea making a 210 profit a plank. If you concentrate, you could do an average of about 35 trips an hour. 35*27= 945 planks an hour. 945*500= about 500k an hour. Or about 200k profit an hour. This is really nice money.

Overall Rating-10/10


With 1m you can start pot merchanting or unid merching, so look at the end of my guide for a pot and unid merchanting section.



~ 5m-10m ~


Congratulations you finally have 5m. You should be proud of yourself, but you’re not done yet. Not even close. Get ready to double your cash!



With 5m you can buy up to about 333k water runes off of other people at 15 each. Then go on the runescape forums and sell these waters at 20-25 each. If you sell at 23 each, you make an amazing 7.6m profit! This is very easily some of the best money in the game. Here is one of the secrets that the big boys don’t want you to know about. Let’s look at it like this. On the fourms it take you 3 days to buy 333k waters at 15 each. It takes you another 2 days to dump them. So in one school week playing 1-2 hours a day, you can make 7.6m. That’s not bad. Not bad at all =D. I will also be including a auto buyer in here, so that way you could buy water runes while you sleep!


With 5m you can go to the forums and buy bronze arrows for 15 ea. Buy about 300k of them. Sell for 20 ea. 1.5m a flip!


With 5m you can go and on the fourms and buy 250k irons arrows for 20 ea. You can also go to fally bank world 2. Then you’re going to want to sell these irons for 25 each, raking in a 1.2m profit. Keep on repeating this method for the big money.


This time you’re going to be the one buying the water filled vials. Go to the fourms and try to find people that will sell them for 180 each. Do not go any higher then this. If you spend 5 mill you will get 27k water filled vials. Now sell these for 200 each. This method could easily rake in 500k a day.




~ Mage Arena ~


Go to the mage arena in 55 wild. Now withdraw your 5m from the bank. World hop and buy all the deaths and nats. You should at least be making 2-3m profit every 5m you spend. That’s pretty good money. If you really work at it, it should only take a couple days to spend 5m, and less then 2 hours to sell your runes.

Overall rating- 8/10




~ Barrows ~


Which sets to buy/sell:


The best sets to buy are ahrim, torag,dharok, verac, and guthans try to avoid karils unless it’s the bow.


: How to buy the pieces:


2 Options:


1. Go to fally park world 2 and find the barrows set you wish to merchant. Sorry I have no accurate prices atm. And buy the sets or pieces for 100k-200k under priced and sell for 100k-200k more on the forums or in fally.


2. Make a thread on the forums entitling the fact that your buying all barrows parts, put every piece 100k under priced and then when you have a few items go to world 2 and sell and repeat.


~ How to Merchant Veracs ~


Here I am going to give you a sneak peak at how the big boys merchant. Here is another secret that they don’t want you to know about, so pay very close attention.


It's so simple, it's ridiculously easy. I have used this method to make extremely fast 100-150k profits. I think my record was 140k profit in about 7 minutes witch is down right amazing.

First you must go to world 2. If you know where the Verac section is, head there. If you don't know, it is inside Falador garden, to the top most North-west. Just start heading in there in world 2, and you'll eventually run into people buying\selling Verac items.


Once you've found the Verac section, there are two ways to do your merchanting.

Number 1 involves a much slower method, but very profitable. You can start by buying each Verac piece separately. Here's the ideal prices you "should" pay to get the best profit :

Verac brassy - Aim for 1.6m. Avoid going over 1.65

Verac flail - Aim for 500-525k. Avoid going over 575

Verac helm - Aim for 2.1-2.15m. Avoid going over 2.2

Verac skirt - Aim for 400-425k. Avoid going over 450


If you add the recommended prices up, you'll see even if you pay the max prices suggested, you're only paying 4.7m for the full set. For the max profit, use forums to resell for 5.1m. Be firm on that price, otherwise if you want a quicker sell, and try 5.05. Don't go lower than 5.05 or you're only killing your profit. This is very good money.


Number 2 is very simple. The quick flips as some people call it. Buy the original full set from a player for 4.9-4.95. If you see someone selling for less, there's probably a 95% chance he is attempting to sell 2 skirts. DO NOT LET THESE NOOBS SCAM YOU! Always check both screens if you are buying a full set of Verac, because if they are selling cheap, they are most likely trying to scam.

After you've bought the full Verac, post it on forums for 5.1 and try to be firm on the price. This is how "I" made 140k in 7 minutes. Bought it for 4.95 and resold 5.09 on forum. Beautiful! Anybody can use this method. It’s the down right best!



If you don’t feel comfortable with barrows I will tell you what I personally did. I bought bronze arrows for 15 ea and sold for 20 each on the fourms. By now u can flip 500k arrows minimum every time. That’s a 2.5m profit a flip. Isn’t too bad if I don’t say so myself.


~ Ranger Set ~


Go to fally park world 2 and buy a ranger set for 4.7m. Now go to the fourms and sell it for 4.8-5m. A nice and easy profit with little to no effort. The only problem about this method, is that there is a lot of competion.


You can also look at the end of my guide to pot and unid merch.


~ 10m+ ~



By now you can do a few things. You can stick with barrows, or you could stick with buying bronze arrows in bulk. Water runes would also be a very could idea at this point. If you enjoyed merchanting verac you can stick with that. You can also go back to pure essence. Go to a crowded p2p world varrock east bank. With 10m you can flip 111k pure ess buying at 90 ea. If you sell it for 110 ea you make 1.1m a flip if u sell at 115 ea you make 1.6m a flip. You can also flip 10k unids. By now id'in that much wouldn’t b worth it so u can sell for about 1.4k ea. 4m profit a flip. If your bored of all of these, try my little but effective methods.


~ Fury’s ~


Go to the fourms and buy 66k chaos runes for 120 gp ea. ( 7.92m ). Now sell them to the toukull place. When you are done selling them you should be able to buy 2 onyx’s from the shop. Now find a trusted free crafter to make them into fury’s for you. Now sell these fury’s for 4.8-5m ea. This method can literally make millions a day. If you wanted you could also do this with 33k chaos runes, if you don’t quite have 8m.




~ The secrets to phat merchanting~( And all other rares )


Now if u notice phats and most other rares are always going up in price. That’s because there is getting to be less and less of them, but more people want them. But, they usually drop when a update comes that takes money out of the game. For example, a new skill or something like the 99 capes. This is your time to pounce. Buy it when it’s few mill down. Then wait until prices go back to normal and always try to sell it at night, ( when there worth the most ). Remember always try to make the flip as quick as possible. Never invest unless you won’t be playing for a little while, or if you want to work on skills. This is because you would have been able to make more money merchanting then investing. I don’t suggest doing this with half wines, pumpkins, or disk of returning, as these are hardest to sell.


~ A Big Secret ~


You need 5m+ to do this. When an update comes after it’s done everything in all the shops restocks to full capacity. As soon as the update hits go over go straight to varrock rune shop, pc rune shop, port sarim, mage arena, or mage guild. ( I suggest mage arena or guild ). Buy all the runes that you know can sell easily. Then world hop, keep on doing this. If you spend 5m you should make about 2-10m.


~ Skills ~


Skills can also make you pretty good money, sometimes even more then merchanting itself. In some instances they can also be a lot more reliable.



~ Woodcutting ~


Once you get your woodcutting to 75 you can cut magic’s and yews. It takes me about 20 minutes each load of magic’s and 10 minutes each load of yews. If you cut magic’s that’s about 60k an hour. You can cut magic’ s in a couple of places. Go North of the duel arena, to the mage training arena. There is a magic tree on each side. Bank at the arena. You can go to Seers. Go south until you see the a bunch of rare trees. Then there is I think four magic’s over there. You can also cut willows or maples witch go really dang quick at 75 wc. Willows sell for 30 ea and maples sell for 100-100 ea. Not to bad, but its guaranteed money unlike merchanting. You can also do something else while your woodcutting, like reading the fourms, reading a book etc. Just look up every couple of minutes for the damn random events. The best place to get willows is near Draynor bank, maples is south of rellaka, you will see a huge stash of them, yews is in seers or behind varrock if your f2p. In this packs I will include yew cutter’s and bankers so you can make money while you sleep, eat, or just chill off of the computer!


~ Fletching ~


I will put it plain and simple. You’re not going to profit in fletching until level 70 when you can do yew longs. Until then just keep on training. Actually I kind of lied. Kill chickens for feathers, then get iron bars and make them into arrows tips. Get your own shafts. Then you could make iron arrows and sell them for 25 each. But if you have 70 fletching, then you’re going to want to take this method. What your going to want to do is you buy yews for 250 ea and bowstrings for 150 ea. ( For even more of a profit, buy flax for 100 each and spin your own bow strings ) Then you can make them into yew longs ( s ). You can sell these for 550k-600 making 150k-200k a flip. You can make even more with mage longs. Never alch your bows unless you’re planning to cut your own logs or make your own nats. You will end up losing cash. Ok I lied again. You can profit a little below 75. What you do is you can buy regular logs for 30 ea ( hire a bunch of f2pers to cut em ). Each regular log gives 15 arrows shafts. These sell for 150 ea. That’s 120 profit a log. This may not seem like a lot but if u hire enough workers you can get about 3k a hour. That’s 360k a hour!



~ Fishing ~


Fishing is a very good skill at lvl 68 and beyond, but could be a little bit profitable under that. Reason being you can get into the fishing guild. This is good because it’s a nicer environment and the stove and bank are right there. I don’t really recommend catching sharks because they take so long. Stick with raw lobbies witch you can get about 250 ea for. Not that bad considering once you hit 68 they come in pretty quick. Swordies can sell for 250-300 ea.

If you really want to, you can do sharks. Sell them cooked in edgeville world 18 for 900-1k each. Fewer than 68 fishing you can still catch lobbies just not as quick. You can also get tuna or monk fish. These sell for a pretty penny. If your level 65 fishing, buy a fishing pot. This will get you to 68 fishing, so that you can get into the guild.


~ Crafting ~

Crafting is very downplayed. Not a lot of people think of crafting as a good way to make cash. For awhile I didn’t even think it was. But I was wrong. First off to get to lvl 10 crafting get about 300 cowhides. This is jus a rough estimate. Now go get them all tanned into soft leather. Every time you can a new crafting level, craft the next thing a that you could, from the soft leather. Soon enough you should be lvl 10 crafting. At lvl 10 you can spin bowstrings. Buy your flax for 90-100 ea and spin it. Sell the bowstrings for 180-200 ea. You can also craft full dragon hide sets. I have no clue how much hides you need for a set but green d hide sell for about 1.5k ea, blue d hide is like 1.8k ea, red is around 2.5k ea and I think black is 4k ea. A green full set sells for 25k, blue sells for 40-60k, red sells for 65-70k and black sells for a solid 50-60k. You can also make rings with crafting. The most profitable ring to make is ring of recoil. At edge world 18 these sell for 2k ea! Another way to make cash with crafting is something I like to call battle staving. You buy battlestafs for Zaff for about 7k ea. World hop a lot of them. Now go make glass orbs for as many battle staffs as you have. ( 50 battle staffs = 50 orbs ). Now go to enchant the orb. I suggest water orbs, go way back in travlery dungeon past the black demons and fire obelisk. Then go up to that small island to charge the orb. Alch the battle staffs for 9.3k ea.


~ Combat ~

Once you get into the higher combat levels combat is really good for money. You can fight a few things here and there. Green and Blue drags are awesome. Last time I checked green hides can go for 1.5k each and drag bones are another 2.5k ea. That’s a minimum of 4k a drop. Then you can get clue scrolls or pretty good drops for alching. They also frequently drop coins. Im pretty sure blue hides go for about 2k ea.

Correct me if I am wrong. That’s 4k a drop every blue dragon you kill. Remember dragons have good mage defense so use melee or range. If your using melee don’t forget your anti fire shield and range anti fire pots. You can also go to the tazzar. These monsters drop obby items and tokull. If you get lucky here and get a good drop then you’re in the big money. Watch out though, the monsters are pretty strong. Take your eyes off the computer screen for a second, and you may just wake up in Fally.



~ Mining ~


Personally, I think mining is really boring but you can still make money from it, therefore it’s in this guide. Once you get to 45-50 mining you can one hit iron ore, therefore this is where the money starts rolling, and you can sell iron ore for 100 ea. At level 65 I recommend mining coal. If you get a lot of coal you can sell it for 200-250 ea. Finally, if you have the patience for 85 mining you can mine rune. What you do is mine the 2 rocks in the heroes guild. Then world hop. The rock respawn is about 20 mins. You can make upwards of 300k an hour doing this. There are also going to be miners in the pack. Run these when you sleep, go to school, or go to work!


~ Rune Crafting ~


At level 44, rune crafting can be very profitable. Once you can make nats, you can make 300k an hour in the abyss. At 91 rune crafting ( double nats ), some of the best money in the game comes into play. A lot of time better then merchanting. Here is what you do. Get people to trade you 25 un noted essence. You pay them 8k and 25 noted essence back. This equals 10.5k if you buy the pure essence for 100 each. 25*2= 50 nats. 50*300= 15k. That means for every trade your making 4.5k. If you’re running on a good Saturday after noon you can easily make 100 trades an hour. 100*4500= 450k an hour. If you craft for 4 hours that Saturday then you just made 2m, give or take. Congrats =).





~ Herb Merchanting ~

(All pics taken from runehq)


In this part of the guide I will tell you the secrets to organizing your bank, buying and selling unids, and how to prevent scams. Oh yea I forgot, of course ill also tell you, how to make millions. First off though I suggest you at least start with 1m.


First thing is first. Collect about 500-1k unid herbs from monster drops. I suggest chaos druids, or you can buy 11 stack herbs for 1k ea. Try to have at least 20 unids in each stack before you continue. Now order your herbs from least to greatest like so.

Posted Image


Now one by one take out each unid herb. DON’T MESS UP THE ORDER. Now bring these to narada and get them ided for 250 gp ea. Now put them back in your bank in the same order you took them out. NEVER remove the last unid from the stacks or else it will **** up the order. Now that your unids are in order and you no witch unid is witch you can finally start to merchant.


Only buy unids in notes. This makes it so you can buy a lot at one time. Buy them for 1k-1.3k ea depending on how even the stacks are and how many herbs they have. Never buy one stack 500, one stack 600, and the other stacks 30 or 40. Always use a calculator because if you add with your head, there’s too much room for error.


Now you have a few options. Here are the most popular. You can buy 11 stack unids and then when you have a lot sell them for 1.5k-1.7k ea. You can buy unids above ranarr, one unid at a time, or unids above harra. When you’re buying one unids at a time, unids above harra, or unids above ranarr withdraw one of each unids you’re buying in note form. Then fill the rest of your inventory with junk, like essence, like so.

Posted Image


This way if the kid is trying to jip you and puts in unids that you’re not buying it will say you don’t have enough inventory space. Now you can sell your unids, or get the better ones, ranarr and above, id’ed in Narda and sell them separately identified.


I've been doing herblore merchanting for quite awhile. It's not the market it used to be. There's lots a scamming and price gouging (yes, I'm guilty of the later). Still, I've been able to raise my herblore skill by buying unids, id'ing what I can, making easy to sell potions, and then selling everything. I'm now 69 herblore which means I don't have to sell unid herbs if I don't want to.


You decide for yourself how to approach the merchanting. You determine the price you will pay and you will sell. The buyer will decide if he'll do business with you. Being called a noob or a moron because you have your own price should be irrelevant. However, be firm but reasonable. Adapt to the selling, buying and the market. Above all have fun.



~ You Be The Boss ~


Have you ever wanted to start your own business but weren’t sure what to do? Well now im here to tell you step by step what to do. Be papered to make millions upon millions.


First you’re going to want to decide on a business name. Don’t put something like yournamehere co. Everyone uses that. You’re going to want to do something that people will remember. The more creative your name is the more people are going to remember you. The more business you’re going to get the more people remember you.


Now you have to choose something you want your business to be based on. I recommend logs or ores as these are the easiest. You can also give runes a shot if you want to. Whatever you do remember to always study the market price and get a good price range. If you don’t do this you may end up losing money, instead of making money!


When you’re going to hire workers make sure they are loyal and they can meet a certain quota every week. For example, if you’re making a log business and they are cutting willows logs, make sure they get a certain number of logs every week. Also it would be a good idea to give bonuses to your loyal workers. For example if Johnny’s quote is 2000 willows a week, and Johnny cuts 4000 willows, give him a little bonuses. This will encourage Johnny to keep on cutting logs for you. =)


When you’re paying your workers pay them 20-50 gp below market price. You may be saying holy **** Oliver I won’t be making any profit. Well you’re wrong there, for 2 reasons. First off, if you’re paying to low, no one will want to work for you. Second you should be starting with at least 5m so you can buy in bulk. For example if you’re buying willows for 30 gp ea you can buy 166k willows off of your workers. When you sell them you’ll make a 1.6m profit.


Just remember stick to your prices and hire the right workers, and you can make a ton of money off running a good business.



~ Pking ~


Pking is a good money maker and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Im going to tell you step by step how to develop a range pure.


For the range pure there are a few pros and cons.


Pros- Fun to pk with. They are pretty cheap only costing you 2-3m. they are also pretty easy to handle.


Cons- they are pretty damn boring to train.


Now that the new prayers are out, you will have to make a decision. Do you want more k0 power or higher hp. If you want more k0 power get 44/52 prayer. If you want the most hp keep 1 prayer. A basic ranger has 75+ range, 65+ hp, 45 mage, 1-52 prayer. If I were you I wouldn’t pk until 55+ combat or else you won’t get jack ****. If you’re serious about it go until 75+ range.


Of course you’re going to need to do some quest. I will list them here.


1) Waterfall Quest: Probably one of the easy quests and quick 30 atk and str to start with. Even though you’re not a melee, you may change your mind some point.


2.) Dwarf Cannon: This is a MUST. You need this or it is impossible now to beat Desert Treasure if you want to be an Ancients Ranger. You need a cannon to defeat every boss now because Jagex has changed it so a friend cannot block a boss for you.


3.) Death Plateau: This is another attack booster without doing much training like waterfall.


4.) Priest in Peril: This is if you want to start an ancients ranger or just get prayer. This can also be beneficial, as you have access to Experiments (Level 25, 100 HP).


5.) Desert Treasure: Complete all the required quests and this can give you access to Ancient Magicks. Pking with this list of magic is quite effective, as you can bind players in place and also do damage at the same time. This can also be a great final blow when pking another pure or player. If you are ancienting, I highly suggest getting 70+ magic. Ice Burst and Ice Barrage are the most common spells used.


6.)Biohazard: This quest is optional, if you want to power train on ogres to avoid pest control that's fine. This technique involves less activity, in case if you want surf the forums or read a book while training.


7.) Recipe for Disaster: This is not a required quest to be a good ranger. Most just get this out of the way incase they want to train melee and still be ranged based, or just get melee.


8.) Rolving Elves: This quest is optional incase if you want the crystal bow. In that case, you must train your agility at least to 52 (use agility pots if not 56). Crystal bows are quite fun and useful in Pest Control.


For training you’re going to need 50k+ arrows or knifes. (200k+ if you’re planning to power range). An ammy of glory or a fury, Coif or robin, and if you want robin boots and obby cape.


1-15 range- to start off I suggest training on the cows near alkarid.


15-40 range- Next place to train is the dwarf mine near Falador. Bring food and arrows. Attack scorpions (level 14) until maybe 30 range. Then you can beat King Scorpions (level 32) in there as well. There are many rocks to hide behind from and they can’t hit very high.


40-60 range- Now you should train on rock crabs. Bring a lot of lobsters tely runes and plenty of iron knifes or arrows.


60-70 range- I suggest training on ogres in lathas training ground. Depending on how many arrows you have you can power range them or pick up your arrows.


70+ range- you can finally go to PC. Take bronze or iron arrows. When your picking up it takes about 1.5k iron arrows to grow a lvl. Next thing is always try to find a fresh world and don’t use 78. About every 300 point you sue on range you 100 on hp. This way your hp isn’t super low. If you don’t do this, your asking to get k0’ed.


Finally you’re ready to pk. You’ve been itching to ever since you started your pure now you finally could. When your pking on a normal ranger ( no ancients ) your going to want to bring Coif

Leather Body

Black Dragonhide Chaps

Black Dragonhide Vambs

Magic Short bow

50 x Rune Arrows or 100 x Rune Arrows if you don't want to pick up.

Amulet of Power or Amulet of Glory

Ring of Recoil


In your inventory bring 1 range pot , 1 anti poison, 2 rings of recoil, 24 sharks, and if you have prayer 1 or 2 prayer pots.


When you’re fighting basically watch your and your opponents hp. Special when they have half to a lil lower then half hp. If they are daggering you eat once then special, since they don’t eat when there daggering. That should bring in a nice k0.


For your ancient ranger this is what you should wear.


Ghostly Hood/Gnome Hat/Canifis Hat

Amulet of Power/Glory

Ghostly Robe Top

Ghostly Robe Bottom/Black Dragonhide Chaps (if your more range)

Ghostly Boots

Magic Short bow

Ghostly Gloves

Ghostly Cape/God Cape

50 x Rune Arrows or 100 if you don't want to pick up.

Ring of Recoil


In your inventory have 1 range pot, an anti, a ring or recoil, 22 sharks, if your using ice burst have 50 deaths, 100 water, and 100 chaos. If you’re using ice barrage have 50 bloods, 100 deaths, and 150 waters. Both of these runes are good for 25 casts.


When your pking first find a pure. Then burst or barrage him, then start ranging the **** out of him. Then special like you would on a regular ranger then burst or barrage and hope you hit to finish him. If he doesn’t die eat and get ready for another round until you get your special back.



Here im going to tell you how to make a obby pure. These pures are very fun, and k0 machines.




-for best xp at low levels you will want a fast, stabbing weapon. an iron dagger will do for a while. then you will want a strength boosting ammy, strength ammy will do fine, if you can afford it another good thing to have is a bezerker ring but its not a requiment. so far you should have:

*iron dagger

*strength ammy

*bezerker ring (if you can afford)


-the first thing you should train on is one of the following; cows, men, monks, or seagulls. I would suggest the cows personally.




-Bone dagger(p++) (stab +4, strength +5)

This weapon has a very useful special attack but is otherwise useless, special attack lowers your opponents defense lvl by what you hit, and is very accurate on special (I normally hit about 15 with it)


*Death to the Dorgeshuun

*Rune Mysteries

*Goblin Diplomacy

*The Lost Tribe

*17 Mining

*23 Agility

*23 Thieving

*beat lvl 50 boss and his helpers at same time



-Dark light (16 slash, 13 strength)

A good weapon to have along with required quest for mith gloves. Special attack acts like all 3 of the curse spells when successful. but it is slow and inaccurate(low attack + slash = inaccurate)


*Shadow of the Storm

*Demon slayer

*The Golem

*30 Crafting

*25 Thieving



-Mith Gloves (+6 to all attack and defense and strength, 3 mage att/def, 0 prayer)

A must have for any pure obby or not.


*Cooks Assistant

-10 Cooking

*Dwarf mini

-Fishing Contest

-10 Fishing

*Goblin mini

-Goblin Diplomacy

*Pirate mini

-31 Cooking

*Evil Dave mini

-Shadow of the Storm (see dark light)

-Gertrude’s Cat

-25 Cooking

*Skrach Uglogwee mini

-Big Chompy Bird Hunting

-41 Cooking

-5 Fletching

-30 Ranged

-20 Firemaking



-Slayer Staff (crush +25, mage +12, strength +35, along with def of regular staff)

If you can finish the long hard task of 55 slayer with 1 attack then this is the BEST weapon you can have, fast as a whip and stronger then anything else you can weld other then maul.*edit* I have achieved this goal and I must say this staff owns I hit fast 25s with it


*55 slayer

*50 mage


-Bearhead (-3 mage and range attack, defense: stab 12, slash 14, magic 7, range 9)

This is The BEST def you can get at 1 defense,, as well as the best magic defense that ANYONE can get no mater def level.


*start but NOT finish Mountain Daughter quest

*20 agility



-Maple Blackjack (crush +0, strength +20)

Very strong weapon for lvl 1 attack and its as fast as a dagger/whip/skim, and I find it to be very accurate. along with having the ability to randomly stun your opponent (seems to happen about 1 in 5 hits for me). over all a good, strong, fast weapon. it is also easy to get, you can buy from players or do the quests "the feud" and buy from the shop for 1200gp-1500gp each.


*30 thief (req to weld)



-Zammy Book (8 to all attack, 5 to prayer)

Very useful in conjunction to the one handed faster weapons. not a must have however.


*Horror From the Deep

*35 Agility

*beat lvl 100 monster that ranges you

*zammy page 1, 2, 3, & 4



-Obby maul (crush +85, strength +85)

This is it this is YOUR weapon, after all your not an obby maul pure without an obby maul. very slow but hits very hard, you can pull 21s with it at 32 combat. Great KO weapon and good for training.


*60 Strength



-Berserker Ring (strength +4, crush def +4)

Great thing to have while training but I would not advise you to player kill with this as it costs around 2 million.






-from here on rock crabs are your friend.


-now that you will be training with your maul you want to maximize your attack/crush bonus (while still maximizing your strength) this is because the maul is slow and you want to miss as little as possible to get good xp.


-good things to have now would be:

*Obby Maul

*Mith Gloves

*Fury or Glory or strength (all will work, I like fury though)

*Bezerker ring

*anything else you wish to wear


-if you can afford it is helpful and speeds things up to train with super strength pots, regular will slow you down more then help in my opinion.


-you can try training with some of your fast weak weapons same as before but I found that at lower strength levels (like I said about 60-75) you do better with just maul.




-You can continue doing what you did from 60 to 75 at this point, but you can try some other things as well now.


-Around this point you will notice you start to hit more and harder with simple weapons like a dagger or a maple blackjack along with a zammy book


-A faster weapon can mean faster xp at this point because you miss less and hit fairly hard (I hit lots of 15s myself with weaker weapons now)


-a normal setup would be:

*Maple blackjack

*Zammy book

*Mith Gloves

*Fury or Glory or strength (all will work, I like fury though)

*Bezerker ring


-But really at this point try stuff, play around and see what works best for you, by now you have some experience as to what works and what doesn't work.




Ok here is where it starts getting fun


-The point of this kind of pure in the wild is that your opponents wont see you coming, so you want to use a weak weapon to start the fight and try KOing with your maul.


-This is a good inv setup to try for yourself:



*Zammy book (or nothing)

*Bone dagger(P++), Maple Blackjack, Wolfbane, or if you can, slayer staff.

*Mith gloves

*Recoil ring

*Strength ammy

*Team cape(makes it easier to 1 click attack higher levels)

*Monk robes if your prayer, iron if not



*Obby Maul

*Super strength pot

*prayer pot (if your prayer mauler)

*Second recoil ring

*Full load of sharks, monkfish, or lobs

*Kegs also make good food at 1 attack and are fun, Try it yourself


-Basically what you want to do is melee them down with that weaker weapon then ko when they are low on hits with maul.


~ Pot Merching ~


The find art of pot merchanting. Potions are some of my favorite things to merchant mainly because the prices are fairly stable except for prayer pots. Start with 1m+ and a ton of patience, and you are pretty much guaranteed to get rich off this. Also remember to always use 3 dose pots as they are easier to work with.


Before we start lets go over the places to buy and sell pots. To buy pots you can use the forums or this part of fally world 2.


Posted Image


To sell pots always use edgeville world 18. Now on to the merchanting part.




I suggest buying 333 range pots for 3k ea. In edgy range pots can easily be sold for 4-5k ea. They aren’t the easiest sell and this will probably take u 1-2 days but they yield a very good profit.


You can also use super strengths witch are pretty easy to merch. On the forums you will find people selling them 3.5k-4k ea. In edgy world 18 sell them for 5k ea.


A good tip is finding someone who’s training their herblore and will be making a lot of the pots you’re buying. I was lucky enough to find hawl gunn ranked number one in herblore. They can be permitant sellers and will give you a fairly cheap price since they are selling in bulk.




At around 5m you should expand you’re your stockpile to include super sets and other pots but remember to always keep ranges and super strengths on hand. This way if your selling range pots and you see someone buying 50 super sets you can go to them to make that little extra profit. Now I will tell you the secret to buying cheap super sets. Buy super strengths for 3.5k-4k ea. Buy super attacks for 1k each and super defenses for 2k ea. This will cost you about 7k a set. You can sell super sets in world 18 for 10k each making an amazing 3k profit a set. If you stick with it super sets can make you an amazing amount of moola.




This is where the money is going to start to flow and where you’ll be making the serious cash. The trick is to keep a wide of variety of pots in your stock pile and to buy pots in bulk as cheap as possible. Remember to always carry a lot of super sets and prayer pots as these are the most sought after pots, but always keep range and mage so you can always be making sales, and you’re not a sitting duck. If you’re selling on the forums to get more buyers try and give a bulk discount. For example say selling 1k super set 9k ea or 500+ 8.5k ea. ( since you have so much bulk you don’t have to sell at top price, and you’ll still make a good profit.)


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~ Getting The Most Out Of Autoing ~Autoing is runescape can make you pretty good money. If you play your cards right, you may not have to log on once, and still get rich. In this section I’m going to tell you how autoing can make you rich, how not to get banned, and how to transfer all of your items. I will also give you the newest SCAR download, the newest SRL and a SCAR script pack.Ok you have to choices here. You can use ARGA, or you can use SCAR. 80% of the people reading this guide will use SCAR, but I will still make a section about ARGA.ARGA- Everyone remember Aryan? Well ARGA is just like it, except more power full. You can run more bot then once. And it doesn’t use the mouse. But there are a couple down sides to ARGA. For one, you have to join a community called rs resources. To get into rsr you have to apply. You have to show that you have a good grasp on programming to even think about getting in. I cannot and will not post ARGA here, as it was wrong and I could get sued. But, if you have ARGA listen up. Another con is you could get banned easily.First think your going to want to do, is make a “trustee “. Keep this trustee at a bank. Do NOT auto on him. You will use him to transfer goods from your mules, to your mains. Now that you made a trustee put him at the bank. Now find 5 mules, and decide what skills you want them to specialize in. Now just run 5 different ARGA bots. When you have all of your goods, multi log on, and transfer all of them to your trustee. Now proxy on the trustee, (so your main doesn’t get ****ed), and trade the goods from your trustee to your main. If you’re lucky enough to have ARGA and SCAR available to you, remember. ARGA is for the quick money, (because you will be banned within to weeks), and SCAR is for the leveling.SCAR- After you are done installing SRL, and SCAR, its time to run your scripts. Delete everything in the main window, and copy and paste your script. Then target the window and hit set up the constants (const). You will usually have to start logged OUT. The great thing about SCAR is that you can use more then one user. After a set amount of time, it will switch users. This is great because it greatly cuts down on random events, and it cuts down on you getting banned. To transfer the goods look above at my ARGA section.~ Dueling ~Dueling is the best way to make money in all of Runescape. But it’s also one of the best ways to lose all your money. By job here, is to give you the best shot at winning possible.The dueling worlds are, 18 for the 5m and under stakers, and 22 if you’re going to be staking more then 5m. There are many different ways you could approach dueling. I have won over 15m dueling, in 2 weeks. You could win or lose 10m in a second. It’s the best rush in Runescape.There are many different types of dueling pures. You have your 1 defense pures, your mage boxers, your tanks, and your boxers. That’s just naming a couple.Melle Pures- Melee is great, exspecially since 60 attack is now unranked.Big tips:Attack can go two directions, same as combat, or stay at 60.I personally prefer the same as your combat if not higher.Strength is unlimited, train it as you please, as high as you please.60 Attack is a minimum, unless you are very low combat.Decent range is good too for chaps, and for the hit points.I recommend a dagger and dragon scimmy/longsword. Nothing else on.Good stats to have :60 attack80 strength1 defence1 prayeralso...70 attack70 strength1 defence1 prayer(good for no special, no armor staking.)Defense can be added to any of these.And having rune can really help.Rage Staking- Best Tips:I recommend range for everyone, make a melee/magic ranger.Range with rune darts is very fast, very reliable, very deadly. If you poison these darts, and use a shield, you are sure to win.Most people special with bow, then use darts, or more rune arrows.I would wear black Chaps, and a bow, fury, and obby cape.Stake people with lower defense, armor on or off.Try to avoid granite wearing people. These people have very good range defense and WILL own you.Special can be on or off, your choice.Good stats:70 Range1 defence1 prayerRange can be raised as you like.90 Range70 Defence1 PrayerI recommend adding defence to rangers, and staking with armor on.Gear: Magic shortbow, Fury, Ranger set, Obby cape, archer/recoil, leather bodyMage Staking- imo this is the fastest way to win or lose money, out there.Best Tips:Magic goes two ways, Ancients, and god staffs.God staff almost have to come with charge/entangle.Ancients require lots of time and skill just to get them.They are your best bet though.Ancients will defeat meleers with ease.Good Stats:Ancients:70 Magic1 Defence1 PrayerAlso...94 Magic1 Defence1 PrayerStandard:80 magic1 defence1 prayerMagic is the only form I do not recommend defense for. If you are going to be a very high level though, ( 90+ ), you should get around 70-80 defense.Gear: Staff of choice, Range chaps if wanted, Ghostly robes, fury, obby cape.Tanks- The best staking pures. They crush one defense into the ground, and spit on them.Best Tips:There are two types of tanks...Barrows tanks, and Rune pures. (I am a rune Pure)BARROWS TANKS:You have low strength, high attack, and high defence.Always stake with armor on.Good stats:70 Attack40-50 Strength70 Defence1 PrayerYou are my hero's, i respect all barrows pures, it's not easy.Gear: Veracs, rune boots, obby cape.Gear (2): Torags, rune defender, whip, berserker.Deep Blue19-Feb-2007 18:25:36Last edited on 19-Feb-2007 18:28:25 by Deep BluePost #6Rune Pures/tanks- good for rangers and meleers.Best Tips:Always stake with armor on, unless against a barrows pure.Special should be off most of the time, unless you feel confident.Good Stats:70 Attack70 Strength40-45 Defence1 Prayeralso...60 Attack50 Strength40 Defence1 PrayerRange tanks...70 Range40 Defence1 PrayerI personally like rune pures, and tank rangers.You can be both very easily.Gear: Rune plate/legs, berserker, whip, rune defender, obby cape, steel gloves.In dueling always watch out for rule switchers. Check both screens carefully twice. Also always look up your opponent. If you start losing, stop and take a break. Always try to keep one fourth of your cash on you. And, remember, have fun!~ Rare Armor Merchanting ~In runescape many high-class players are interested in looking good around the runescape world. Most normal players just go with the nice looking rune armor or maybe full dragonhide. Well the high leveled accounts of runescape look for more unique armors such as trimmed armors, gilded armors, and, the most expensive, god armors.These armors are obtained through treasure trails. The people who complete these trails don't look to sell them for high prices. They just want to make a decent profit from the armor. In low numbered worlds, mostly 1, these armors along with all rare items are sold behind the varrock west bank.Your goal to merchanting rare armors is to find people who are selling them directly from treasure trails,"wholesalers", to get the armors for the lowest prices possible. If you buy from other merchants you won't make as much of a profit.100k-200k. At this stage the only two armors you can merchant are Full Black (T) and Full Black (G). Full Black (T) is sold for 100k-200k. You will want to buy it for under 150k so that you can sell for around 200k and make 50k profits. On the other hand, Full Black (G) is sold for 180k-270k. This armor is one of the armors that high-class player like most because of the gold on it that stands out. You should aiming for buying it for under 200k if possible to sell for near 250k. Only people who are a bit in need will buy it for more than that. This should be done on the east side of the bank.200k-350k. Now you can merchant two new types of armors, Full Addy (T) and Full Addy (G). Full Addy (T) is probably the least used armor out of all in this section. Its going price can be from 200k-300k. Most people try to sell this for over 250k since it is not used much but you can find for less if you switch worlds alot. Try to sell near 300k because many will want to buy it for that price. Full Addy (G) is a bit more expensive and, like Addy (T), isn't too popular. The price you should buy for should be around 300k maybe less if you get lucky and you should sell for around 350k. This should also be done on the east side of the bank.800k-1.1m. This is the final stage for trimmed and gilded armors. Full Rune (T) and Full Rune (G) are two very good-looking armors. Many of the upper class choose to wear these just to look good. Full Rune (T) has a wide price range from about 800k to 1m. You should aim to buy it for under 900k and sell it for 1m. Full Rune (G) is more expensive and more in demand. This is probably the most wore rare armor out there due to its gold trim on rune armor. Its price can range from 1m to 1.2m. Most will be looking to buy it for 1.1m but you should shop around and try to see if you can get it for near 1m. This armor can pull out up to 200k profits every time you merchant a Full set of it. This type of merchanting, unlike the other armors, should be done on the west side of the bank.1.5m-3.5m Here is the finale of rare armor merchanting, god armors. These are armors made of rune with different types of trimmings on them all in different colors. First, there is Guthix, the lowest priced of the three armors. It is rune with green trimmings on it. It can go from 1.3m all the way to 2m depending on the world you are in. Next, there is Zamorak, also known as Zammy. It is also rune with red trimmings on it. It can be sold for 2m to 3m. Lastly, there is Saradomin, also know as Sara. This is a very unique rune armor with white trimmings on it. Being the most expensive of the three god armors it can be sold for 3m to 3.5m. Please note that these god armors frequently change in price from world to world so be careful not to buy in the wrong place. These armors are best to be merchanted right behind the bank to the north.~ Log Merchanting ~Log Merchanting is a great way to earn fast, quick money. It can also be used by the beginner merchant, the intermediate merchant, or the experienced merchants.100k-1m. Easily the hardest part for all merchants. At 100k the money just doesn’t seem to flow as good. But once you hit 1 million, all the time and effort will be worth it. I suggest merchanting the following types of logs.Oak Logs- Buy these in west varrock world 1. Buy them for 25 each. If you spend all of your money (and you have 100k), you will end up with 4k oaks. Now make your way to the construction fourm and sell these baby’s for 35 ea. Boom! Quick profit, keep on repeating this until you hit 1m.Willow Logs- Also buy these for 25 each, in a f2p world near draynor. If no one is selling there go back to world 1. Once you have your 4k logs sell them for 35-40 ea on the fourms. You decide witch one you like better, as they both yield about the same profit. Oaks, or Willows.1-5m- At this amount of money I would say you have the most options. This stage is one of the easiest to merchant at.Oaks-With 1 million either oaks or willows are still probably your best choice but after 3 million I would be swayed towards Yew Logs. Anyway, with 1 million you can afford up to 50k Oak Logs at a time( Buy at 20 ea, sell at 35) : This means you could be looking at a 750k Profit Per Flip… BUT 50k oak logs will take at LEAST half an hour to buy and more than that to sell. However, if you do this you could be looking at a 500k profit per hour, very nice . Once again if you insist on doing this to 5 million, keep doing the same with more oaks.Willows- Willows can be bought and sold much faster than oaks so I would be perhaps in favor of willows. However at 1 million+ you want to be merchanting fast and not such a high profit margin. With 1 million you can buy 33.3k willow logs at 30 ea. Then, on the forums you can sell them at 35 ea, a 167k profit in as shorter time as 12minutes (I’ve done it lol). Willows are more preferable to keep going with to 5 million because they sell and buy so much faster than oaks. With willows and your undivided attention and of course a bit of luck, you could be looking at an 800k profit an hour.Yews- Whether this stage or the next stage is the best for yews to come into the equation I am uncertain. Until 2.8Million you must buy and sell only in world 1, disregarding the forums. After 2.8million you can start merchanting 10k Yews (280 ea) at a time. 10k Yews can be bought within 8 minutes and sold in 8 minutes, 200k profit in 16minutes, but I have done it faster than this. However it can be much longer because people may be buying at 290 ea, in which case you should also do so, to ensure quick sales. Always sell your Yews at 300 ea (current price) on Fletching Forums.5-15m- Buy now you should no the market. You should also have a favorite log to merchant.Oaks- If you want to stick with oaks you should start building up a client tele. Find construction people who want 99 con. Start to look for perm sellers and buyers. This way all you have to do is log on, buy from your perm sellers, and sell to your perm buyers. You could start buying for 25 each again, because you will be buying in big bulk. 5m will buy about 200k logs. That’s a 2m profit every flip. By now, you should really be on your way to riches.Willows- With willows buy 30 each and sell 35 each. This will go a hell of a lot quicker. Not as much profit per round, but it’s a quarter of the time it would take you to buy 25 each. If you’re not comfortable with yews, this is the path to go down.Yews- This is personally what I did. Keep buying at 280 each, selling at 290-300 each. Start to find perm buyers and sellers. You can follow this way as long as you want because it will always be successful. Quick flips, quick profits. Also, yews are good for having your own business in them. I recommend this path.~ Maintaining Your Own Kingdom ~This guide will tell you how to make a bout 1.5m a week, with little to no work. You can do this while your merchanting, staking, pking, etc. This is just for that little extra income. Pay extra attention. This is a secret that the big boys don’t want you to know about.Requirements- Before you start you have to do 2 quests. These quests are the Throne of Miscellania, and its sequel, Royal Trouble. Make sure that you do royal trouble before you start managing your kingdom! This is a must. You must start with ATLEAST 1350k. This is because every week, at a set time, you collect your resources. 10% of your Kingdom bank is taken per day for the workers’ wages. For example, if you had 300k in your Kingdom bank, 30k would be taken on that day. The next day your Kingdom bank total would be reduced to 270k, so only 27k would be taken.IMPORTANT!: The more your workers’ wages are, the harder they work. So 30k of wages would result in more items gathered than a 27k wage.One underlying factor to remember, is that only a maximum of 75k can be taken from the Kingdom bank. So, with 1000k in your bank, only 75k would be taken, NOT 100k (10%).You must have a rune pick axe. This is because mining coal is the quickest way to a good approval rating. Without a rune pick you’re probably going to be doomed. So remember, a rune pick is a must!You are going to need fairy rings or a lyre. This is because fairy rings are the quickest way to get to Muscellania, use the code C- I – P. A lyre is the second quickest way to get there.Cammy Telly is highly recommended because it’s the quickest way to get back to your normal activities after you’re done managing your kingdom.Before you start your also going to need 15+ open bank spaces.So here is a list of everything you need to begin.Throne of Miscellania questRoyal Trouble quest1.35 Million GoldA Rune Pick AxeFairy Rings/Relekka LyreCamelot Teleport15+ empty bank slotsThe Strategy- This is the strategy that I use, week in week out.From now on I’m assuming you know the basics of how to run your Kingdom. This will take you through, step by step, what to do. It also assumes you have not yet tried to run your Kingdom.The first 4 steps are what to do on your FIRST WEEK. All the following weeks you will have the resources you collected from the previous week. So, every week after your first, start from Step 5.Step 1: Get your approval rating to 100% by mining coal. Miner Magnus will tell you when you can stop. Make sure you only get your approval rating at 100% at a convenient time so you can come back and raise it each day after 24 hours when it falls to 99%.Step 2: Wait till a convenient time that you know you can regularly rely on being able to play. I use Saturday very early morning. Put 1.35 Million Gold into your Kingdom bank. Now, assign your workers to full Flax and half full Maple.Step 3: Keep your approval rating at 100% by each day of that week by mining a single coal.Step 4: A week after you first put the money in, speak to Advisor Ghrim, and ask to collect your resources.Step 5: The workers from the previous week should have collected these resources:Flax: 8750Maples: 3119Tree Nests: 31Herb Seeds: 14Collect them, and remember to top up your Kingdom bank back to 1.35 Million Gold, as 525k would have been taken as payment for the workers. Remember to keep your approval at 100% throughout the week.~ Conclusion ~The guide has finally come to a finish, but your money making journey is not over. Keep on buying and selling what works for you and keep on going. When you get enough money invest in a few phats and rares. Trust me stick with this guide and you will have that phat set you’ve always wanted and more. We have told you how to make the millions and maybe billions that all those high accounts don't want you to know. Following our guide step-by-step should get you to make that money with time. If you come to a bump in the road don't give up just follow our guide and I'm sure you will be making the millions as always. Merchanting, running your own business, autoing, and the rest of the methods in this guide are those secrets of the billionaires of runescape and now with your knowledge of these secrets you to can become a runescape millionaire.

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Wow really nice long guide, I don't play runescape anymore, but if I did, I'm sure I get rich fast with this lol. When I used to play runescape it's so easy to really rich when you're a member, because you can do a bunch of easy treasure trails, and then sell it on the non members server. It's so funny how something in the members server is worth nothing, but in the non members servers it could worth lots. This one treasure trail, I got full rune (t) and made so much off it in the non members world. A good website for quests and guides is http://www.tip.it/runescape/

Edited by Laurence (see edit history)

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It was really a good idea I've made 2m on my pure by doing it wel actually 10m but 8m got lost in a stake ;[ Although my other best way of making money is buying magic logs and bowstring and swap ( supp ) for fletch skillers ( they give mage longs ) and just sell and make a 150k flip.-Kieron

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YOur guide

Rags To Riches Iv - My Best Guide


Replying to threesix


Your guide is very irrelevant towards the severs of the f2p worlds. But your staking and log merchanting section was an exception to my criticism, but there is a worry that since the recent update towards the trade system has greatly stricken the price ranges of all runescape items,


All of your prices are totally incorrect. Such as the eye of newt suggestion, the prices have decreased to as low as 75ea! But the likeness of your guide is quite similar to the other guides you produced.


But in another context your guide is very useful for all the good old newbs such as you put it.


Thank you for the attempt to make runescape better.



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Is it worth it?

Rags To Riches Iv - My Best Guide


This guide depicts a mediocre player expressing himself towards the good old newbs as he abrubtly said. This guide makes a mockary of all the hard working players of runescape who learned these secrets of the game via the natural capabilities of the person e.G. Intelligence. But the ways of making money vome and go just like profits in this game(runescape). Half of the ways to make money are now subsationally different thanks to the new trade system, effin jagex. The system of hiring workers now is just burnt towards the ground. I feel towards this matter of another kind than other players. Anyway, the guides irrellavant prices may force the newbs to get all up and mighty into the guide and get a little profit compaired to what the guide says.


This way of informing people of how to make money is quite a brillaint Idea in it's self. But is it worth it to inform others of misleading infomation? But as a caring player of runescape I find it very caring of you to create the guide for other players.


Yours truly




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Hi your right but the fastest way to make rs dollars is to pick snape grass...I make a million a day doing this tho it takes me 5-6 hrs...I will have 100 million soon if I keep at it and then buy bones to get 99 prayer...Snape grass is the fastest way to make money in the game especially if you have lunar magic and can tele to waterbirth island and then use your glory to bank at edgeville...Ive made 7 mill in a little over a week...It really works...Peace out

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Snape grass...

Rags To Riches Iv - My Best Guide


I don't do any work for my money lol, I just use the grand exchange, I am currently developing a site that gives my tips, tricks, and a full guide hosted on it, absolutely free. I don't believe in selling some info about A GAME.


The guide is very detailed, but very outdated. Prices should be updated, and some of the methods should be as well.


But, good on you for making this. I can see that it took a long time to type lol.


-reply by Nerdboyxxx

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snape grass? lol, noobs do that

Rags To Riches Iv - My Best Guide


Replying to iGuest


Snape grass is the best way to earn cash, wow. You must be one of those who are content with picking, collecting blah blah blah..


Definitely not the best way to earn cash. Nat running is, unless you are level 50 or higher in rc lol.


Be smart.


-reply by what the heck

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