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How To Get Quick And Easy Levels In Runescape on runescape the massive multiplayer online role playing game

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Thieving, the hated skill that is incredibly slow and boring to train at lower levels.


Pyramid Plunder is the way to get high thieving, and is pretty simple to do once you get the hang of it.





Where is it?


Pyramid Plunder is located in Sophanem. To get there from Shantay, head into the desert and travel on the magic carpet to Pollnivneach, once there, run south until you find the next magic carpet ride, ride that to Sophanem. When you arrive, enter the gates, and the Pyramid Plunder mini-game is in the first Pyramid you see. Or, alternatively, you can use a Pharoah's Sceptre to teleport straight to the minigame. If you have not finished the quest, run north from the gates to the tent where you started the quest and go into the cave.


The picture below shows the desert and how to get to the pyramid:


Posted Image


* First Carpet Ride


* First Carpet Ride Stop


* Second Carpet Ride


* Second Carpet Ride Stop


* Pyramid Plunder Pyramid - First teleport on Sceptre


* Agility Pyramid - Second Teleport on Sceptre


* Desert Treasure Pyramid - Third Teleport on Sceptre


* Itchlarin's Little Helper start point, the cave to enter to get into Sophanem after starting the quest is also there.



What do I need to bring?


The below picture shows what inventory I bring, you can obviously change it around to fit your needs:


Posted Image


NOTE: (Super)Anti-Poisons can be used as well


What I have started to do recently is because my house is in Pollviniech or however its spelt, I ignore the Shantay pass and go straight from Pollviniceh.


Below is the equipment:


Posted Image




The Pyramid has 4 doors, to start the minigame you need to find which door has the Mummy inside it (it's random, and changes every 20 minutes or so), you can then right click the Mummy and select play mini-game. For more information on how to play, you can speak to the NPC on the south side of the Pyramid.


Once you've started, thieve your way past the spikes on the wall in the door way, then head into the first room, quickly thieve the chest in the middle, then move onto the next room by thieving the doors on the wall until you find the right one).


Once into the 2nd room, just repeat what you did in the first room, continue to repeat this until you're in the second highest room you can be in (depends on your level).


When you get to your second-to-max level room, check each urn for snakes and search the chest in the middle of the room, then proceed to your max level room. You do not search for loot in this room, because as mentioned, you only have 5 minutes to get as much experience as you can and searching for loot in this room will only waste time, but checking for snakes is very quick.


Once in your max level room check each urn for snakes, then search again to get the loot. You can just search before checking for snakes in this room, and still get the same amount of xp, but by not checking the chance of failing is increased, which means you'll lose more hp, and take around the same time anyway. You can also charm the snake before searching for the loot if you wish, but this is not recommended, by charming the snake you will half the experience gained from searching the urn. If you happen to get poisoned while searching for the snake or loot, just drink a sip of antipoison and keep on going. After searching all the urns in the last room, search the chest, and then finally the coffin (optional, but gives you a chance of getting a Pharoah’s Sceptre) before leaving the room. Continue to repeat this for maximum experience.


NOTE: If you are lower levelled thieving, then I recommend you thieve the urns before your second-to-max room as well, since you will have plenty of time to do so!


If a scarab comes out of a chest, you can either just turn protect melee on, and keep searching, or kill it. Mummies only appear if you open up a sarcophagus.


There are room requirements to each room if you havent guessed, and are shown below:


Room 1 - 21 Thieving

Room 2 - 31 Thieving

Room 3 - 41 Thieving

Room 4 - 51 Thieving

Room 5 - 61 Thieving

Room 6 - 71 Thieving

Room 7 - 81 Thieving

Room 8 - 91 Thieving




The majority of the loot isnt particularly exciting, although there is a chance to get a Pharoahs Sceptre, which can sell for around 800k-1 Mill at the moment. Below is the loot and what they can sell for (to that archaelogist guy near Agility Pyramid):


Posted Image




Pyramid Plunder is, no doubt, the best thieving xp in the game. At my level (99) I can gain around 170-190k xp in one hour, even more if I concentrate. It has made thieving one of the most easiest skills in the game now. IF you really dont like pyramid plunder, then I suggest you thieve knights. Boring, yes, but good xp if you concentrated, but nowhere near to the pyramid plunder xp.




The first picture is'nt by me it's off the internet i dunno where i found it but i saved it. and uploaded it to imageshack. if it's yours i will remove it if you want me to.


i wrote this all by myself. you are allowed to copy is as long as it's put into a quote. or you credit me.


Enjoy Thieving.

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hi, i play runescape and im level 69

i have 32 theiving but i may train it to get money

i will train my mining to 50 to do heroes quest but after that i will get my other skills up


add me, Mine Rock4 :P


ring any bells?



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I think when i used to play this game (ages ago, i'm talking about probably 4 years ago) if i remember correctly the way i leveled up was doing quests until i ran out of all of the 'free' quests to finish. I can't remember the other ways i leveled up but i did farm mining as well.Hope it helps a bit-HellFire

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How To Get Quick And Easy Levels In Runescape


Rsloads is a stunning place that can trade more than 3K gold at a time,wanna know about it,just go to google and search "rsloads" to take a look.

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i need a runescape account

How To Get Quick And Easy Levels In Runescape


Can somone give me a runescape account I got hacked at lvl 80 and I was hoping somone would give me a account thanks

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i need a runescape account

How To Get Quick And Easy Levels In Runescape


Can somone give me a runescape account I got hacked at lvl 80 and I was hoping somone would give me a account thanks

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How To Get Quick And Easy Levels In Runescape


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