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Newbie Post: Matrixboy

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Hello everyone, I'm new to Xisto ^^^



Well, a little about myself..


I am fourteen years old, and in the 8th grade. I enjoy school for the most part (except my technology class- after all, we do poems in it...). I enjoy doing projects, since I usually FDL/GPL them, just to be interesting ^.^


I am a procrastinator, however I seem to get more work done when I don't have to do it, and just do it on my own. (My teacher yelled at me for using OOo that was installed on our school computers, so I went home and wrote an essay of why OOo > M$ Office that night, and gave it to her today).


I'm advance placed in Math and Science, which are enjoyable classes.


Well, what I like to do: I'm not very good at any languages, but I enjoy programming. I enjoy the occasional Warcraft III game, I like finding new freeware software, I like tinkering with a Linux box, and I <3 almost all electronics.


Well, there isn't more about me, except that I'm a nerd.

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Well, Welcome to Xisto! I hope you enjoy the forums here, and if you are looking for hosting, i suggest hosting with Xisto and going for the regluar plan (#2), its got heaps of drive space and plenty of bandwidth!happy posting-jimmy

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