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Code Improvement And Optimization A beta service...its almost free

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I am offering a code improvement, optimization, validation and accessibilities assessment exclusive to Xisto members. This is currently not offered at the Xisto side of the corporation because credits there are no use and I now rarely visit at Xisto anymore. ;)


Now there are some certain things that are not explained on the page so I will explain them here.


1. This code improvement service will only be offered to sites that DOES NOT contain racist, hatred, discriminative, criminal (warez/cracks), sexually explicit content, violent content or any other inappropriate content. I have the right to not "improve and optimize" any site.

2. Pages with more than 361 (X)HTML errors will not be "improved and optimized" because it takes more resources to process that. Even with the W3C + WDG Validator, it will still require a LOT of actual human time to correct the markup errors. Unless you are willing to pay more credits (which may be agreed upon before starting), I will not count that page towards your limit.

3. You are limited to 15 pages per user to be "improved and optimized". You can only do this once so choose wisely. ;)

4. As of right now, only (X)HTML pages will be done. Pages containing server-side scripting will not be able to be done because this service is in "beta" period. Sorry about that.

5. Your pages must be hosted and accessible from MY computer/browser ;) I'm sure this won't be a problem.

6. If new rules pop up, I will post them here in this topic.


Please make 1 REPLY under this topic if you want to participate. The first person will be subject to some confusion (first time using Credit bank) but I hope everything goes well. ;)



Site Location

Which pages (max 15)

Which logos do you want (XHTML/CSS/SVG/WAI)

Your email address

Any extra details

Price: 0.7 credits per page. This may change (depends on supply and demand).

You MUST be hosted at Xisto because I will probably use PHP includes for stylesheets and HTTP header information.


Any questions should be PMd to me.


Best regards,

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I "improve and optimize" the code.First priority is valid XHTML, CSS and other standards.Second priority is accessibility and usability (navigation and stuff).Third priority is semantics.Fourth priority is speed.I don't do logos and other graphics. Do you want to give it a try to improve the code of your site?

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