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This is a very good slide down menu. Download it and give it a try. You will not forget it.


Define menu items


The menu is based on an unordered list, so the only thing you have to do is to build this. Look how it is done in the demo for help.

Configure layout


The layout for the main-, and submenu items is specified in the CSS. Look at the comments in the CSS for further information.

Initially show a group of sub menu items


You can automatically expand/show a group of sub menu items. This is done by setting the Javascript variable expandFirstItemAutomatically to the index of the main menu item you want to expand(example:

var expandFirstItemAutomatically=1; to initially expand the first group of sub items.


You may also specify which submenu to expand in your URL. Example: <a href="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; will initially expand the second main menu item. Here, I have added ?mainMenuItemToSlide=2 to the URL.


You may also expand sub menu items automatically by specifying an id. This works as follow:


* Give one of your menu items an id. Example:

<li id="initialExpandedMenuItem"><a href="#">Download</a></li>

* Specify the id of this menu item in a Javascript variable at the top of the <script> section. Example:

var initMenuIdToExpand = 'initialExpandedMenuItem';



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We have a lot of great success from Xtreeme DHTML menu studio. It is easy to use and great results. It uses javascript and makes the code for you as well as allows you to design the drop-downs from templates or completely custom.

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Do you get this one from the DHTML Goodies site, right???? well, only to say that this site is a MUST website to visit if you dont want and don't have the time to create something that already is done.Best regards,

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Expand by URL only works to 2nd levelDhtml Slidedown Menu

This is a fantastic script that works beautifully.I have found a bug however, and have tried to fix it but I'm in over my head! 

If you set the menu to expand by URL (which is the default) it will only expand to the second level.

If the menu structure is ItemA->ItemB->ItemC->ItemDAnd the page URL is pointing to ItemD, I would expect the menu to auto-expand to show ItemD when the page is loaded.However, it only expands to show ItemB.

Does anybody know of a way to fix this?


-reply by Damian

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