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Team Destiny 07

Photoshop Tutorial: Signature

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Intro: Ok let's get started. Open up a new 400x130 px document. Play around with any render you feel like using. Resize it so that it's a good size for the signature. I will try to edit this post with a image version of the sig later*

1.) Choose a radial gradient type from your gradients. Pick black and another color.

2.) Click around the middle of the sig and hold it to around half-way to the end. Re-try until the middle of your sig has a gradient in it.

3.) Move your render into the sig and duplicate it 5 times (control+j) .

4.) Smudge the first one you copied with all of the smudge effects like so pic1 pic2.

5.) Now Set the one above it to Screen or Color Dodge.

6.) Set the one above that to overlay.

7.) Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur 2.0 Pixels on the layer above that.

8.) Set the Layer above the blurred layer to lighten.

9.) Add a nice c4d that goes with your render ands set it to color dodge. Take out your lasso tool and make sure it's feather is set to 15 px.

10.) Lasso What doesn't look right and now add another c4d and, yes color dodge and go to Filter>Distort>Ocean Ripple with the default settings (top 10 and 6 bottom). Lasso again with 15 px feather.

11.) Create a new layer and Go to Image>Apply Image and duplicate that layer(cntrl+j) once. Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur the bottom applied one set the top to lighten.

12.) Again new layer Image>Apply Image and this time go to Edit>Stroke do a 5 px center stroke and make it white.

13.) Change the applied image to soft light.

14.) Add some text and your done.

If you rip this I will kill you!
Again I will make an Image Tutorial For this with more in-depth ok?

~ZoroSeerus a.k.a. Team Destiny07

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