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Freya Ragnarok Online Emulator Create your own Ragnarok Online server =P

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Hey, this is Tsuyuki, Head Administrator of the Freya Ragnarok Online emulator. I just thought I'd let you all know that we're definately still alive, and going pretty strong. We need to rebuild our community though, so give us a visit.


Freya Software Features:

- Full Ragnarok Online Emulation

- Cross-Platform Compatibility (Linux, Windows, etc)

- Very Stable and Secure

- MySQL or TXT Support

- Easy-To-Use Configuration and Setup

- Custom Database and Script Systems

- Relatively Low CPU/RAM Usage

- User-Friendly In-Game GM System

- Very Customizable

- Remote Management Capabilities

- Many Tools for Easy Management


Freya Game Mechanics Features:

- Databases/Scripts Up-To-Date (Aegis 10.4+)

- Up-To-Date with kRO Patches

- All Classes Implemented (Including Advanced/Expanded Classes)

- War of Emperium

- Marriage and Adoption

- Player Ranking System

- [Coming Soon]Official Homunuclus:

- http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/404.png

- A Variety of Custom Scripts Included

- Many Other Features


Freya Other Features:

- Active Development Team (Daily Changes)

- Fast Technical Support

- In-Server Support (Only Me)


Forums: http://freya.dns.st/forum/index.php?act=idx

SVN: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Development Team:













Dralthan (Hola)

- Tsuyuki

- Freya Head Administrator

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me and my cousin are trying to make our own ragnarok game could you help us we're stuck at the moment and haven't gotten very far at all...

Back when I GM'd on a private server we just used eAthena...much better server emulator (at least then, but development was FAST on that sucker, so it may still be) than anything else we could find, with exception of Aegis, of course...but we all know what the problems were with using Aegis :blink:

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UnitedRO - eAthena Server

Freya Ragnarok Online Emulator


Server Name: United Ragnarok Online

Motto: United as one, we reign...

Rates: 250x/250x/100x

Max Base Level: 255

Max Job Level: 100

Max Stats: 230

Specs:Dell PowerEdge PE860 chassis (1u rackmount)

Dual Core Intel Xeon 3050, 2.13GHz


(1x) 250GB S-ATA Drive

Hardware RAID with 64MB of memory

1500GB Top Quality Tier 1 Bandwidth




War of Emperium

Description: Available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00 server time (use @time to check).


Command Missions

Description: If you don't find six commands enough, complete missions to gain many new ones.


Hidden Quest NPCs

Description: Enroll in a secret quest that will reward levels/equipment after you complete it.


Custom Items

Description: We have a variety of custom items obtained only by event, quest, or donating, such as many types of wings and headgears.


Custom Maps

Description: Maps made by the eAthena community help form our custom maps, such as our inn, sky area, 'outdoor' marketplace, and PvP arena. Our current custom maps are always being updated and developed, and many new ones are coming soon!


Buffed Bosses

Description: Party up to help slay these beasts and divide the loot as well as gain MASSIVE EXPERIENCE from these types of monsters.


Friendly Community and Staff

Description: This is the highlight of our server! The community here is one big family and the staff gets to know players on a personal level.


Helpful Tours for Newcomers

Description: If you're new to Ragnarok, or just need a little guiding around, we'll take you on a tour to see the finer points of our realm.


Many Events

Description: Our staff members are very active and hold events often! These events range from finding a disguised GM in town to our creative Russian Roulette game!


And Much More(Try out the server yourself to find out)!




We are currently looking for several game developers as well as player support positions.


Our goal is to provide gaming where the community is more like a family than a city. Our administrators have played on many servers of the past, and they've seen way too many cases where there was corruption and favoritism amongst the staff, and it seems as if every player on the servers were pitted against one another. We're willing to step above that, so that justice and fairness may be served to all citizens of our server. We realize that this is a game, and we will work our best to keep it in the category as it is; some servers simply take things too seriously. With that said, we hope you can make time for our server and possibly refer your friends to it as well.


Website/Registration: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Download: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



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