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Console Showdown, The Full Review This is my full console review

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Finally I have tested all the consoles. Here I shall give you my in depth feelings about these new next-gen consoles.


The consoles will be reviewed in chronological order when I first tested, with the last console at the end.


First up, the XBOX 360, the American G.I, the mastermind of online gameplay on the console. With it's triple core IBM PowerPC G5 processors (3.2GHz each), and sporting a ATI Xenos 500 MHz graphics chip (with EDRAM upgrade), it is clearly a powerhouse all in one. Great with multitasking downloading, chatting and gameplay.


Release Date: November 22, 2005

Online Service: XBOX Live

First tested at: Canadian Auto Show 2006, XBOX 360 booth

Game: Project Gotham 3

Test time: 15 minutes (limited time trial)


Full Screen Anti Aliasing (FSAA): 4x

Sold: 10.4 million

Price: CAD$ 399.99 (Core), $499.99 (Premium)

My Rating: 8/10

Like: A full rounded system, packs a punch with it's tri-core processors.

Dislike: XBOX Live is a little expensive for a student.

Most anticipated game: Halo 3


When I first tested the game, it was a smooth game, graphics were amazing. However, I didn't really like the PGR series in the first place. However, I was amazed at the XBOX 360 dashboard, I haven't seen anything like it before.


I waited until most of the clinks have been smoothed out before purchasing it in June of 2006 (2-3 months after the Auto Show).


Next up, it's the Nintendo Wii, the Schwarzenegger's Choice. The only console where exercising is fun again. Although, it only sports a single core PowerPC G4 chip (729MHz), and a ATI Broadway 293MHz chip, it still packs a punch. The Wii is simply the fastest selling console in the 7th generation console race.


Release Date: November 19, 2006

Online Service: WiiConnect 24

First tested at: cousin's house

Game: Call of Duty 3, Wii Sports

Test time: 2 - 3 hours (stopped when I got tired and the fact that it was already 2:00am)


Full Screen Anti Aliasing (FSAA): noticable, but don't know if it is actually supported (2x at least)

Sold: 4 million

Price: CAD $279.99

My Rating: 9/10

Like: Workout is fun again

Dislike: Wiimote + First Person Shooter = hell

Most anticipated game: Warioware


Call of Duty 3's graphics on the Wii is worse than on the PC, XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3, however, it still needs tuning on the controller-side. Using the Wiimote to play the game is hellish as a slight movement will throw away your shooting. Sniping with the Wiimote takes precision.


Wii Sports was great, I spent most of the 2 - 3 hours on it. Bowling was fun. I thought this game was going to go lopside on me since the graphics and how things looked childish, was actually quite fun. I analyzed the graphics close enough, there was at least a 2x FSAA. I don't see the jaggety lines that I do on GameCube or XBOX or even the PS2.


Last and hopefully not least, is the Sony Playstation 3, the Sumo, the black fat knight, the quiet bulky ninja carrying loot under his/her shirt. With supercomputer specs, gaming has been brought to a new level (not necessarily a higher level). Sporting the 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine (CBE), featuring 1 PPE (the general purpose processor), and 7 SPE, with the last SPE disabled to only run the system operating system. It sports a NVIDIA RSX "Realtime Synthesizer" 550 MHz GPU. Supercomputer technology, underdelivered.


Release Date: November 17, 2006

Online service: Playstation Networking Platform (PSNP)

First tested at: EB Games on Yonge and Highway 7

Game tested: NBA 07, Motorstorm

Test time: 30 - 45 minutes, with breaks in between (got bored really quick)


Full Screen Anti-Aliasing: I think it's supported, but not noticeable what-so-ever

Sold: 1.2 million

Price: CAD $549.99 (20 GB), $659.99 (60 GB )

My Rating: 4/10

Like: ability to run Linux, able to run Folding@Home, deadly silent (kinda, not really since I might not know if it's on without turning on the TV)

Dislike: Sixaxis controller (complete XBOX 360/Wii ripoff), Cell Broadband Engine, Bluray Disc, mediocre graphics, many glitches (more than XBOX 360, but less severe), missing universal buddy list on PSNP.

Most anticipated game: Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriot


Motorstorm was the first PS 3 game I tried, it was ok, with the ability for me to fall off the cliff, crash into rocks and blow up and etc. It got boring after going the 3 lap race. The graphics on the thing was the same as the original XBOX, and I couldn't tell if there were FSAA enabled on the system at all. I saw heavy jaggety lines, which got really annoying after a while, after playing the XBOX 360 and the Wii. Playing this game, I felt like playing on my original XBOX.


NBA 07 was the next game I played. The graphics were much better than Motorstorm. Great reflections on the floor, characters looks pretty good. However, it still doesn't match NBA Live 06 on the XBOX 360 on standard definition TV. Yes, you've read it right, it's a first generation game on standard definition that still looks better than a Playstation 3 first generation game on HDMI. However, I didn't see any FSAA at all either. Which makes me wonder, is there really FSAA on the PS3? If not, then, really, the PS3 is falling short on technology.


Then, to confirm the multitasking issue, it's true, the Playstation can't multitask. Although the Cell Processor has been touted for it's "power", and the supercomputerness, it still missing one important feature, it can't multitask. I can't have a system wide chat with my buddies while several games (as in talking even when switching from game to game), it can't download while playing an offline game and etc. As Mark Rein Epic Games Studios said, "Sony says the next generation starts when they say so. I say that's *BLEEP*. Gears of War is the first second-generation game for XBOX 360 and it looks very fine. You will never see [PS3] launch titles this good." Amen!


Final thoughts:

It was a good year for the gaming industry in 2006, all the systems finally came out. The Wii seen as the champion overall, while the XBOX 360 is pwning the Playstation 3 on trying to capture the "traditional gaming" market. Playstation only appeals me by the ability for me to use it as a supercomputer, but definitely NOT for gaming and it's PSNP is a total mess. The Bluray is slowing down PS3 production, thus, slowing down adoption.


Which system to get rating:

XBOX 360: By buying me, you'll make yourself proud, you'll also make Marcus Fenix and the Master Chief proud.

Wii: Schwarzenegger should seriously consider supplying free Wiis to everyone in California and persuade the Government of Ontario to do the same.

Playstation 3: Buy me if you want a really cheap computer, and if Bluray takes off, buy me as a cheap Bluray player. If you don't want either, buy the Wii or if you need the graphics and online play, get the XBOX 360.


Hope you liked my review, if you wish to comment, feel free, but please keep it clean.


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I have both the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. I really can't say which one is better since both consoles are vastly different. Xbox 360 holds its forte in graphics and in some games, gameplay. On the other hand Wii holds its forte in gameplay. Shooters on the wii are absolutely great since the controls feel pretty natural (i.e. actual gun movements). I've actually had the chance to play the PS3 since I do know someone who actually paid 800+ for a PS3. The PS3 is nothing but a waste of money. The graphics aren't great and the gameplay is nothing to be proud of either.

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Biased comparison, WrongConsole Showdown, The Full Review

This article is a joke, written by a biased/jealous Xbox fanboy. The PS3 has far superior graphical capabilties to the 360, as evidenced by games such as Killzone 2, Uncharted, and Heavy Rain. Plus, with games like Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and the 256-player MAG, it has as good if not better online gameplay experiences as well.

-reply by David

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