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About Online Making Money Diffrent ways to earn

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So hello every onei have big question every one how is interested in Earning money sitting in the chair and Clicking,Surfing,Answering,Reading and other thing they should do to earn some. as far as we know its not news for nowtime that you can Make Money Online with any kind of Internet Projects!!! i wll be wonder to know if there are people who do so?? and there is more important thing i want to know how are you earning!! what kind of way did you chose to earn? and by your opinion what kind of earning u think more Effectiv!! Please Suggest US!!! and if You are able please provide us with information like that!!!So if we back to myself, i am earning money in diffrent ways and i have lot of business projects to make some money on internet :P and one of my project is Investmnet. You know, like FOREX and etc..secondly im interested promotion of my site, and surfing,clicking,adverising things. It like CPM, Online Adverising Networks : Making money with Pay per Impression Ad networks and so...And thirdly i am interested in programs like 12 Daily Pro i think a lot of people heard about this program, and i also had been member of this Project like 300,000 other people did!! i think it was the greatest program on internet , so now time LOT of Projects trying to copy style of 12 daily pro and there are million same projects doing so !! please tell me if you are member of any kind of programs like 12 daily pro or programs like that, please advise us with information that will be i helpful to grow up in Online Money MAKING :P i guess.

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Ok well I work in Market Research for about two years at a manager level so I pretty well qualified to give you the low down of online panels etc.
One of the biggest companies in the world for providing Market Research is TNS and they have online panels in many different contries in the world.
If you subscrube to them or in some countries you can only be recruited by another company into the panel they will send you emails to complete surveys for them online.
Depending on the Demographic that the TNS client is trying to hit you could be available for the survey.
Some of these surveys can take up to an hour to do ( you can save them and come back to them) and you will be given a specific date of when you have to complete it by.
Surveys can be on anything..a lot of time time maybe the survey is linked so that if you said you like Microsoft products in one survey maybe next week you get an email about survey to do with Windows Live or another MS product.

Another time they might be interested in sending you thro the post a sample of a new washing powder for you to try out for a month then at the end of the month fill out a 20 min survey about the washing powder and everything to do with it.

At the end of the "fieldwork" period ie the end date of the survey TNS will collate all the results and present the findings to the client..the client would then pay TNS and then the panel members are credited with doing the survey.
The credits could be anything like shopping vouchers for Amazon..vouchers for your local supermarket..all of these things depend on which country you are from and the deals made with certain suppliers in each country.

So how do credits work out to the time spent on filling out the survey? each survey can be different and different lenghts so its hard to guess..and again varies in each country.

TNS are a very well thought of company in many countries and in a lot of countries handle the voting polls and lots of TV stations and newspapers will use figures provided from TNS about many trends that they are talking about that day.

So if you want something "Free" but have to do something for it!! Give TNS a go..I have only but good things to say about TNS.The best way to find the TNS branch nearest to you is to google it in your location.

Other survey sites include..

https://www.surveyspot.com/ but i think its US and UK only.
This one pays out via Paypal http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
http://www.surveybounty.com/ is another.

SO thats my breakdown of online surveys and market research online..
Theres money and vouchers to be made..you just have to go with reputable companies not ones that spam the net with banners advertising everything for free for nothing!

Good luck and I hope this helps out!


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