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A New Sub-category Topic On Games Tips & Tricks Sharing Tips Tricks in playing games at the highest difficulty l

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Hi... I have a suggestion. What do you guys think about a sub-category in the main Games section dealing only with tips & tricks on playing games at the highest difficulty level. I'm not referring to cheatcodes here. No unlimited amount of money, extra life or extra troops here. Just using the "normal" resources allocated to you and then completing the mission at the highest difficulty level. For example, there might be a precious artifact somewhere or a better fortified place to position your base... something like that. Basically, you can say that it is about sharing "expert" opinion... :P. So whenever someone wants to know or share about something related to playing at the highest difficulty level, he/she just go to the sub-catagory and then check out the topic title, which should most probably be the games title. So, what do you guys think?

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