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My Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3 Vs. Wii Review from a technical point of view

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Ok, well the PS3 has finally arrived, and the Wii is coming in tomorrow, so I can now take the chance to review these consoles from a technical standpoint. Even though I do own an XBOX 360, this review is not aimed to promote the console that I've chosen.



XBOX 360:

Posted Image

- Launched November 22, 2005

- 3 IBM PowerPC G5-based Cores w/ VMX 128 extensions clocked at 3.2GHz each

- 1MB Cache (shared)

- 512 MB RAM GDDR3 @ 700MHz

- ATI "Xenos" chip 500 MHz w/ 10 MB EDRAM Cache (48 billion shader operations per second, 48 Unified Shaders, SM 3.0+)


- Optional 20 GB HDD

Playstation 3:

Posted Image

- Launched November 17, 2006

- Sony, IBM, Toshiba Cell Broadband Engine clocked at 3.2GHz

- 1MB amount of cache

- 256 MB XDRAM @ 400 MHz

- 256 MB RAM GDDR3 @ 700 MHz

- NVIDIA "RSX" 550 MHz (74.8 billion shader operations per second, distinct pixel and vertex shaders, SM 3.0+)

- BD-ROM (compatible w/ DVD/CD)

- 40GB or 60 GB HDD

Nintendo Wii:

Posted Image

- Launched November 19, 2006

- IBM PowerPC based "Broadway" Core, clocked @ 729 MHz

- 88 MB 1T-SRAM, 64 MB GDDR3

- ATI "Hollywood" GPU 243MHz (no specifications as of yet)

- Proprietary DVD format

- 512MB built-in flash memory


Backwards Compatibility:

XBOX 360:

Backward compatibility is only achieve via software emulation by translating x86 instructions from the old Intel Pentium III based XBOX processor to the new IBM PowerPC G5-based processors.

Playstation 3:

Backward compatibility is achieved either by software or hardware by running the old codes off Playstation and Playstation 2 instructions.

Nintendo Wii:

Backward compatibility is achieved through hardware, by having the old games already in PowerPC architecture from Nintendo GameCube. For games before Nintendo Gamecube, gamers must repurchase old games from systems like Nintendo 64.


Online Services:

XBOX 360:

Online Gameplay and Services are achieved via XBOX Live! for a small fee of CAD $59.99 (CAD $6/month) yearly subscription. You achieve full gameplay with up to 48-64 players and services.

Playstation 3:

Online gamplay and services are achieved via PlayStation Network Platform for free. You achieve full gameplay with up to 40 players and services. XFire support on selected games.

Nintendo Wii:

There has not been a confirmation about online gameplay on the WiiConnect24. However, the services are free through WiiConnect24.


System Software Support:

XBOX 360:

- Audio file playback (non-DRM AAC, MP3, WMA)

- Video file playback (WMV)

- Image slideshows

- Connectivity with a Media Center PC for more codec support

- Keyboard support

Playstation 3:

- Audio file playback (ATRAC3, AAC, MP3, WAV)

- Video file playback (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4)

- Additional Linux codec support (Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, etc.)

- Image editing and slideshows (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP)

- Mouse and keyboard support

- Folding@Home client with visualizations from the RSX

Nintendo Wii:

- Audio file playback (MP3)

- Video file playback (motion JPEG)

- Image editing and slideshows


Homebrewed Games:

XBOX 360

Development via PC using the XNA Game Studio Express (C#, DirectX IDE)

Playstation 3

Development via console or PC on Linux (OpenGL, C, C++)

Nintendo Wii

Not Confirmed: on console


Final thoughts:

It is still arguable that these consoles haven't been on the market long enough to safely say which is better. However, in my opinion, in the technical race, the Playstation 3 has outrunned XBOX 360 and definitely the Nintendo Wii, even if the Wii's specifications aren't fully released. However, it doesn't mean that Playstation 3 might be the champion in the gaming industry. Only time will tell


Technical Ranks

1st Playstation 3

2nd XBOX 360

3rd Nintendo Wii




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Wow you got some good knowledge about this subject. I just was wondering why you didn't post this on the other topic like this? Well it doesn't matter. You probably have a good reason since you are one of my most respected member is this forum. Thanks for the whole book on it. Now instead of wondering and hoping I won't get a system without something I want, I will just be overwhelmed with the new features that Ill end up buying all 3. Laugh out loud. :)

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Notice how the size of the console corresponds with the amount of bleeding-edge technology implemented :)Great review comparing the technical aspects of the consoles, although I feel these technicalities are not that important (from a gaming point of view). In my opinion, even though it's not as outstanding spec wise, the Wii would have to be the most promising console because of it's innovation. Sure, more powerful technology is nice, but it depends what you do with it! Most people already have 10 devices that can play DVDs already, who needs one in a console? Personally, the small size and sleekness of the Wii is also an eyecatcher, as it makes less noise and takes up less space as it's next-generation competitors.

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My Point of ViewMy Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3 Vs. Wii Review

However, I understand your viewpoint from the technical perspective but it all depends on how you look at it from both the technical and gaming perspective. Both are very close between the 360 and the PS3. I also believe that the PS3 has a slight advantage on the 360 according to the technical race. Also, even though I am a owner of a wii, I am open to say that it's technical capabilities are not even comparable to the 360 and PS3, but nevertheless when it comes to playing it with younger siblings it is a great console. 

When it comes to the gaming perspective, many people enjoy different games and subjects. Some people like to play sport games, others combat games and others adventure/fantasy games. I myself enjoy all of these, that's why I own all three consoles. Combat games and great adventure games by far go to the 360. This is also because of the insane graphics the 360 offers. However, the PS3 is a great console because it offers so much more that you can do and you don't really even have to pay for online play.  The Wii only gives me the sport aspect to gaming. I enjoy most of the games I play but sometimes I just think to myself, "Why did Nintendo give the Wii such bad graphics." I do like the controller system for the Wii but sometimes the controllers don't really react to what you do.

Overall, I believe that all consoles are great, but when it comes to both aspects, (gaming and technical) the 360 wins by a hair to the PS3 and the Wii far in last.

-reply by Bdow


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My viewMy Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3 Vs. Wii Review

I also believe that you have done a wonderful job at comparing, but I always think back to the fact that Sony had a full year to copy aspects from the Xbox 360 and add just a few more to give it the edge. The Wii is still at the end, but this was before the Kinect or Move came out, so I still have to give Nintendo a thumbs up.

-reply by Shadow


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