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If you would like to create 3D MMORPGs then you should check out these two engines. I have had experience and each one has its own benifits. Here are my reviews on the engine.


Realm Crafter:


Easy to use editors

Easy to learn scripting language

Great Community (Forums and IRC)


Direct X7 only (RC2 will have DX9)

Price:$65 and rising




Nice graphcis (DX9 and OpenGL)

Axiom for renderig

XML Support

Easy to use tools


Have to script almost everything



So if you are just starting out I suggest Realm Crafter. If you want a challange or are experienced then check out multiverse.

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I use Realm Crafter. I like it because it is very good for a low price, compared to some others that is. Like Violation Games said, Realm Crafter does have a very helpful, if not somewhat small, community. Some of the games with Realm Crafter are very high quality.

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use multiverse, it's free, and plus, if you know c# and C++, it'll be so easyMultiverse.net * Multiverse lets you to build an MMOG or virtual world for less money and in less time than ever before. * Multiverse technology is scalable, extensible, and highly customizable, enabling you to build your world with its own unique look and feel, gameplay, and mechanics. * Our active developer community is creating a wide variety of worlds. * Make money through subscriptions, item sales, and/or advertising, and pay us only 10% of your gross revenue. * Download our client, server, tools, starter assets, and sample worlds for free and start building your world today!

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Create MORPG without programming

Creating Mmorpgs


Create MORPG without programming



If you are not a programmer, but want to create your own Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MORPG), then I can help, I've develop tools to create complete MORPG, no need programming at all, just create an amazing story and draw sprites (you can use your own any 2D or 3D application or find it on the net) then add sound later (again you can find it alot on the net).


The goody is this Tools is absolutely FREE (GRATIS) Forever!


What are you waiting for, download the tools, learn the sample & little guide then your MORPG start rolling play that with your friends over lan or internet.


I want to play your game too :) notice me of your development on: tokonet@yahoo.Com


You can download from one of these sites:








Or if you prefer bittorrent, please leech from:





What I'm creating here is a "Development Game Tools and Multiplayer RPG Game Engine (Client-Server)".


The game developer (a person whose actually download and uses my tools and game engine to create the game) is the one who need to create all the artworks.


Using those tools, so the resources (artwork, sprite, animation, sound, image, data and whatever) can be integrated into the game engine. And the result game is a fully playable with automatic multiplayer online capability, all of that achieved without any need of programming or scripting whatsoever.


So bassically I've created a tools and client-server game engine, people download it, create story data and sprites (animation artwork etc; we call it resources), then use the tools to integrate those resources into the game engine's format.


DONE! just that.


Though there is a very simple game sample for the sole purpose of showing you how to develop your own game using those tools & engine without programming at all.


About resources (artwork, sprites, picture, sound, data or whatever) is depend on the person who create the game itself. He maybe create a nice new artwork himself or he might just download free artwork from net and reprocess it into the format fit with my tools & engine requirement. See the small guide with about 10 steps to create the resources needed to create the game.


Maybe to be alot more clearer here, basically it can be put like this:

"I create a game engine and tools for processing resources for the game engine, and you create the game resources". And the output is a multiplayer online RPG game of your own story and artwork, so you are a Game Creator :)


Have Fun Creating Your Own Games :)




I really hope those tools will help you somehow :)


- Frank Albert Pangajow -


-Frank Albert Pangajow

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