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Firefox Extensions You Regularly Use

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I would like to make a list of the best firefox extensions. These are the ones I use and personally they are amazing.Bug Me Not (best extension ever)FasterfoxForecastfoxStumbleUponGmail ManagerIE tab (this allowed me to never open ie even when I need to view a site designed for ie!)Trashmail.net (only needed when bug me not fails)Image ZoomFirefox Showcase (highly recommended)keyconfigDummy Lipsum (great for web designers)Printable Sparknotes (great for students who don't like to read books)Those are the best extensions I use. What should I add to this list. I am also Thinking about making this topic a poll once I have entries from you guys.

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Here are the extensions I use:- AdblockFilters ads from webpages- DownThemAllMass downloader for firefox using the firefox download manager- GMail NotifierAs it says ... notifies of new mails in GMail- SmoothwheelSmoothens the scrolling on webpages ... very configurable and nice- Web DeveloperLots of nifty tools for use during web design and development. Syntax checking, deleting domain cookies and much much more- Colorful TabsGives a different color to each new tab you open- Del.icio.usA plugin for del.icio.us ... to tag your favorite websites.

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I had more Firefox favorites before the last Firefox upgrade but here are my current favorites that I've not seen already mentioned in this thread:DOM InspectorView Formatted SourceBlog ThisImage ZoomGoogle ToolbarI am really hoping that they come up with an upgrade for my Roboform toolbar soon. I really miss it.I also really liked the Edit CSS extension as it is a great help when you are just learning CSS. You could edit your CSS file for the page and watch it change right before your eyes. Anxiously awaiting an update for this handy extension.

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Currently I mostly just use Forecast Fox, gmail notifier, bugmenot, tab clicking options (lets you choose different tab options based on actions), and I have a couple at home for making better formatting for html source/css viewing but I forget their names... I used to use tonnes of extensions but I've toned it down alot since then... I always just ended up getting pissed every time they update FF and my extensions broke for awhileEdit - I forgot, here I use "Beer o'clock" as well haha. Just a fun little extension that, as you get closer to beer oclock (the end of the day on friday usually) it pops up funny little messages like "5 errors to find until beer oclock!". Its pointless but fun hehe

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I am not a frequent Firefox user, because I prefer Opera, but I like Firefox for some Extensions it offer and also use it to test my pages and etc. So here is what Extensions I m using.HTML Validator - To validate my html files fast and easyWeb Developer - The best thing, I use it a lotEdit CSS - I like to see in real time my pages when I edit cssShow IPGMail ManagerColorZillaIE View - Useful, when I want to look how the site look in IESession Saver - Very needed for me, I usually have lots of tabs openedTabbrowser PreferencesgTranslateFaster FoxUser Agent Switcher - Need it sometimesCustomize Google - Cool thing, I use Google a lotDisable Targets for Downloads - I hate to close those blank tabs/windowsDOM InspectorTab X - Comfortable to close a tabForecast Fox - CoolImage Zoom - CoolPDF Download - I usually want to have the PDFs in my HDDAdblock - No commentBut when Firefox was my primary browser, I used some more. I remember an Extension, which used to get back to the Tab I was before after closing some, but so much various extensions are available, I did not find it, but I didn't really search as mad. :lol:

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Ah yes, Firefox extensions — the one thing that puts Firefox above all other browsers. I've got a lot of them installed, so I'll just list them down. It's up to you to check them out at Mozilla's website for the details, though the extension's name should give you a clue on what they do. =^^=


I'll even throw in the themes and plugins I have. =^^=


Extensions (enabled: 27, disabled: 0; total: 27)

Adblock Filterset.G Updater

Adblock Plus

All-In-One Sidebar 0.6.4

Another Delicious Sidebar 1.0

ChatZilla 0.9.72


DOM Inspector 1.8


Download Statusbar 0.9.4

Fasterfox 1.0.3


Firefox Extension Backup Extension (FEBE) 1.0


Flashblock 1.5.1

Greasemonkey 0.6.4

ImageBot 2.2.0

InfoLister 0.9c

MeasureIt 0.3.5


Platypus 0.64

ProfilePassword-Firefox 0.3.1

ReloadEvery 1.5.1

Restart Firefox 0.3

ScrapBook 1.0pre

Sort Extensions and Themes 3.0.3

Tab Mix Plus

Ñandú 0.6

Themes (2)

Firefox (default)

iPox [selected]


Microsoft® DRM

Mozilla Default Plug-in

Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

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I'm wondering if the guys who developed Remove It Permanently (RIP) will come out with an updated version for the new FireFox release. I really miss being able to cut out (permanently) elements that I don't ever want to see on Web sites.AdBlock's a good extension too, but it doesn't let me kill nearly as much as RIP did.

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i have:adblock - obviouslylinkification - converts typed links into clickable onesfoxytunes - controls music players from the bottom of the windowscrapbook - this is really cool. captures with all styles includes areas from websites and collects themchatzilla - for irccolorzilla - gives you a dropper tool to find out colours from the netgooglebarweb developer - invaluabledownload manager tweek - downloads go in a seperate tabdisable targets for downloadsie tab - only just got this one but its definatly gonna be useful for testing pages

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LOL Can you believe this?

Bug Me Not (best extension ever)Fasterfox
Gmail Manager
IE tab (this allowed me to never open ie even when I need to view a site designed for ie!)
Trashmail.net (only needed when bug me not fails)
Image Zoom
Firefox Showcase (highly recommended)
Dummy Lipsum (great for web designers)
Printable Sparknotes (great for students who don't like to read books)

I don't use any of these. But I use the following extensions:

-Web Developers Bar
-Blue Frog Security
-DOM Inspector

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Gotta have Firefox extensions. :unsure:So here are the ones I have:IE Tab - very useful for testing pages in IE without ever having to click on that IE iconAdblock - I love how I can remove banners and ads forever Fasterfox - I have noticed a significantly faster FirefoxTab Mix Plus - Just downloaded this one. Apparently I like to mess with my tabs, as they're invaulable toolsWeb Developer's Bar - Very useful indeed.I had this Gmail skins extension earlier, but I decided to get rid of it, as I don't really want my Firefox to have a million (useless) extensions. I also tried out a number of extensions for short periods of time just to see how they worked. But of course I had no intention to actually keep them.

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My list of extensions:

IE Tab: Great for viewing those IE-centric pages. I must state that since I've installed the IE7 beta, one of the three sites I used IE Tab for displays in IE just like in Fx. :unsure:

Adblock: What else can I say?

Adblock Filterset.G Updated: This extensions is supposed to be updating my Adblock lists or something, but I forgot about it... :D

Mouse Gestures: It was nice for a while but I think I'll uninstall it or something. Not really useful...

Fission: This is a cool extension! It makes your address bar act as a progress bar for page loading. Quite nice, if not that useful.

Greasemonkey: Woohoo! Really great extension! Only I don't have any scripts loaded... but whatever. It's still darn cool.

Web Developer: For those times when I think of myself as such.

Live HTTP Headers: I use this from time to time for some website reverse-engineering.

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