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Soldat: Great 2D Shooter

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SOLDAT is a very addictive 2d shooter, at first i thought it wouldnt be great, but.. it is. You have a selection of weapons, from the desert eagles to the minigun, also to the chainsaw.

There are also a number of game modes to choose from, like deathmatch, capture the flag, just to name a few.
The game is played with about 5-10 people and is on most modes, free for all (besides the objective).
Ping is usually not an issue as there is a range of servers from around the world, so wherever you live, you can play.
Although it is freeware, you can register it by paying $9 and unlock some extra features on the client side, such as, different interface choices, your mp3's can be played ingame, and there is a whole lot more.

the main website:

it is a very small 13mb download, try it, its great!

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I play it sometimes, its fun to play in lan at school when you have lots of people. The game sorta reminds me of CS but 2D. A great fun, free, and online multiplayer.

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There is CS2D btw.

Oh and Yes Soldat is great i play all the time im like a sodlat addict ive been palying for bout 2 yrs so im like really good at it too,they've made lots of patches for the so called "hacks" so theres like no hacks for 1.3.1 at the moment i also like the gore lol its funny.

Theres servers for every one in the world theres ones for New Zealand Australia America All over asia mainly in places like poland and germany.

Soldat also means Soldier in Polish.

Also if you dont mine me adding a lil bit to ur review.

Over 18 weapons available:
- guns like MP5, Ak-74, M79, M249 Minimi, Barret M82A1, XM214 Minigun
Multiplayer network game over the Internet or LAN
Intelligent bots
7 game modes:
- Deathmatch
- Pointmatch
- Teammatch
- Rambomatch
- Capture the Flag
- Infiltration
- Hold the Flag
42 different maps
Editors: Soldat Map Maker and Interface Maker
Lobby server and dedicated server for Windows and Linux
Large community creating mods, maps and tools



As promised here is the newest version Soldat 1.3.1. Big thanks to all the beta testers for making this version with me and all the community
for their support and patience. I hope you have fun with it. Here is the changelog:

Changes 1.3 -> 1.3.1:
- Added join spectator team button in team select menu
- Added new maps: DesertWind, htf_Rubik, ctf_Maya2, ctf_Lanubya (winner of ESL mapping contest) (by grand_diablo),
Blox, ctf_Snakebite, ctf_Ash (by chakapoko maker), htf_Dusk (by Michal), htf_Muygen (by The Geologist),
remakes: ctf_Death2 (by grand_diablo, NuZZ and MM), ctf_Dropdown2 (by Boxo, wp's by Keron Cyst)
- Added new secret ownage command
- Added file readonly.txt to prevent downloading certain files (original maps and sceneries cannot be downloaded)
- Added new anti-cheat solutions
- Added new command: /loadlist X (loads maplist from file X.txt);
- Added new command: /lobby (reregisters the server in the lobby server)
- Added log files split after reaching 512KB of size
- Added png and jpg files are supported by the file download system
- Modified default gostek graphics changed to EVO Gostek (by Michal)
- Modified fixes in maps: ctf_Equinox, ctf_Voland, ctf_B2b + all maps recompiled with PolyWorks
- Modified weapon balance (check weapons.ini for details)
- Modified all maps can be changed or voted in the in-game map change menu
- Modified all weapons must be reloaded after pick-up (prevents reload exploits)
- Modified can't vote until 2 minutes pass after server join
- Modified grenades don't explode on corpses (prevents lag bugs)
- Modified if texture can't be downloaded for map default one is loaded
- Modified all weapons bullets (except Barret, M79 and LAW) lose power after long distance (1 or more screens, to prevent blind spraying)
- Modified weapon can't be reloaded if is fully loaded
- Modified Barret has more movement speed aim penalty and has short wait time before firing
- Modified M79 gives 30% more self damage
- Modified knife throwing - speed of knife depends on how long you hold the throw button
- Fixed extreme bink on respawn
- Fixed lobby registering errors in non-dedicated server game
- Fixed yellow player name still after thrown away flag
- Fixed flame whizz sound
- Fixed players using the same file for headgear
- Fixed Spas-12 reload exploit
- Fixed grenade not exploding in close hit
- Fixed invisible LAW bug
- Fixed Soldat not compatible with some background programs
- Fixed blue team caps worth 20 instead of 25 points
- Fixed mp5 clip falling out
- Fixed killing through wall
- Fixed flames hit colliders
- Fixed various game and manual typing mistakes
- Fixed when player joined paused game his game wasn't paused
- Fixed server does not send messages to non-authenticated admin clients
- Fixed two grenades being thrown on server when player had a chainsaw
- Fixed autorecording start on map change

If you are unregistered you will notice a banner ad on the window when you start the game. I want to see how alternative ways of
supporting a game will work. If you want to advertise to Soldat players please contact Monsoonix.
Also, you may notice some changes on this site. For example there is a new screenshots section and reviews.
File mirrors are appreciated as always, please send them to me if you can support the bandwidth (don't forget to mention where the server is located).
For comments and suggestions please visit the Soldat Forums.


(Based on true e-mails)

1. The game does not run! I get an error: cannot initialize 3d hardware, or something like that.

It's a hardware compatibility error:
- Make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers
- Try to run the game in window-mode
- Change the Windows desktop colors from 32-bit to 16-bit
- Try to change some Soldat Config settings (turn off Antialiasing, check 16-bit)
- Install the latest or different video drivers
- Try changing the windows desktop resolution and bit-rate
- Try turning down or up the graphics hardware acceleration (My Computer/Properties/Performance/Graphics)
- Try updating your motherboard drivers
- If you have Windows NT/2000 install the latest service pack

If you don't know how to do something from this list don't contact me. Contact me if you fixed your problem and tell me how you did it.

2. I run a server and nobody can join in.

Check if you have a Firewall (if so read about it in the manual, section Getting Started).
Check if people join on the right IP address and port.
There can be problems with Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing.

3. What does "Soldat" mean!?

"Soldat" or "Soldaat" means "soldier" in the following languages: german, dutch, norwegian, swedish, danish, french, slovenian, afrikaans, russian, catalan and romanian.

4. The game doesn't work. I get an error "bla bla d3d8.dll".

Install DirectX 8.1 drivers. If you have Windows 95 or NT 4.0 I don't think it will work.

5. I get an error "bla bla FMOD.dll". I have a sound card!

Its a video card error. The same as in question 1.

6. I play the game and I don't see anything. I just hear the sounds.

Turn on the monitor.
If it still doesn't work, its a hardware compatibility error. The same as in question 1.

7. Are you a god?

No, I just look like that.

8. I can't play because the terrain doesn't render and the whole screen blinks pink!

This problem occures when you have the DirectX drivers installed in Debug version. Reinstall them in Runtime mode.

9. I can't read the Manual cause I don't know how to read.

So you won't read this too.

10. Could you make a mod with fantasy elements (like mages, potions and magic)?

What the hell are you?

11. Can you give me the source code of Soldat?

Eeee, no?

12. I can't play Soldat! How do I run it!?

First turn on the computer.

13. Is there a dedicated server version for Linux?

Yes, check the download section.

14. When I pickup a bonus the screen turns black.

Check if you didn't accidently turn the monitor power off.
If not you probably have an old ATi card. Check Blank Screen while bonus fix in the Soldat Setup.

15. How can I mod the game?

It's not easy. You can just change the graphics, sounds and weapon names in Soldat\Txt\weaponnames.txt now. Remember that the weapons size must not be much larger than the original size.

16. I want to register Soldat but I don't have a credit card?

Well then find someone that has a Credit Card (your Parent's?), give him the money and he will pay for the game. There also are other payment method's including: PayPal and simple mail, check it out: Digital Candle Payment Options.
You can't send me cash because the money will get lost on the way to me.

17. I get a message "Lobby server not responding..." when I click Request Servers and I can't get the servers list.

If your internet works then probably the lobby server isn't working. Please try again or try later. If the problem lasts longer use the alternative servers browser ASE http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

18. Will there be a client version for linux/mac?

No, I'm not planning this now. Please try to use emulators (like WineX).

19. The weapon in Soldat is Ak-74 it should be Ak-47!

No, you're wrong. Ak-74 is an improved version of the old Kalashnikov (see more http://ww11.ak-47.net/ak47/ak74.html)

20. Can I convert the Soldat music to MP3?

Yes, download ModPlug Tracker from http://www.modplug.com/ .
Open the music files:
Soldat\Sfx\Modules\gore.it or Soldat\Sfx\Modules\necro.it
and save them as an MP3 file.
21. What programs did you use to make Soldat?

Soldat was entirely programmed in Borland Delphi 6. Graphics were made in Paint Shop Pro 7. Sound in Cool Edit 2000.
Details (like components) can be found in the Credits section in the Manual.

22.I have an old ATI Card and the graphics are messed up (no transparency, everything is not displayed)?

Open Soldat Setup and check "Blank screen while bonus fix". If that helps and now the video card is not able to draw the bullets download this fix for the bullets graphics Weapons-Gfx.zip and extract it in the Soldat folder.

22. Are there any guitar Tabs for Soldat songs?

Yes, you can find them on MySongbook. You will need the program Guitar Pro to listen to them.


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