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My New Forum: Opensourceforums.uni.cc

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Alright, so I've started my new forum; it's with InvisionFree, which is a free board provider (I want to see if this project gets anywhere). It's called Open Source, but it's not like you might think. I called it Open Source because my forum is for sharing web design knowledge, as well as computer know-how and other such things. I have many forums already set up, as well as some sub-forums. I've also set up a skin for it, so, in other words, it's going well.


However, I need some help. As I've posted before (and gotten some feedback), I need others to help me with staff positions, and others to lead forums for programming types for which I have no knowledge of (such as C, C++, etc). In some case, even both.


The URL is: http://s13.invisionfree.com/Open_Source or OpenSourceForums.uni.cc


If you would, register there (preferably, using your Xisto username), and be sure to post here to tell me of what you're knowledgeable in. For instance, I also need (perhaps) another Admin, so if you're are very good at Invision Board, I would probably set you to it.


So, register there and post here, so I could see what I'm up against.

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So, in other words, it is just another webmaster-discussion zone, where people collaborate information and generally hang-out.Sorry, HTML, but I think you need to come up with something a little more dramatic. Something that yells out "REFRESH ME and BOOKMARK ME". Something with a little oomph. And originality.

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