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Maple Story a cool game...

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Game: Maple Story

Genre: Platformer RPG(Online)

Language: Global Maple Story(English), Maple Story(Korean)

check their official website

General Info:


What is Maple Story? Basically you go around kill monsters, explore the entire island, do quests and level up.


Seems boring? The game allows you to split into four roads including the Warrior, Magician, Bowman, and Rogue. You will be able to advance into one of these either at Level 8 or Level 10. Then the classes split when you reach level 30 giving you a few more choices but for now only 2 job advancements are possible.


In Global Maple Story, only two islands(Maple Island and Victoria Island) and one world(Tespia) is available. Now this game is still in beta(II) but this game will leave you playing for hours or weeks even.


The Leveling System is very much like a normal rpg game, you gain the needed experience points to level. But every level you have Ability and Skill points which are needed in order to do well in the game. You can add these points into your stats or skills.


Remember many things are still being added afterwards such as new worlds, pets, more items and monsters and this is only the second beta.


Visit the site for more info at this site which includes all of the list of quests, job advancements and further details.



-The first island is a great tutorial island to help people who are new at the game

-The second island is VERY large including 7 cities and this is only the second beta version

-The game's astmosphere is beautiful

-Beautiful backrounds and landscapes

-You can change the picture quality of the backround to reduce your *computer(not internet) lag

-Easy to Understand

-Customizable Keys

-You can change your expressions by the F1-7 keys(default)

-The gameplay and artwork is extraordinary

-Healing HP and MP around every 10 seconds

-You CANNOT get ripped off when trading

-Game is layed out and organized neatly

-Many jobs you can choose from and many places to explore

-Secret Hidden Areas are IN the game, you have to find them

-Easy to travel to places with scrolls, taxi(cab), and dying

-Interact with others and make friends

-Keep you busy at least for a couple of months

-While waiting to heal, you can go back to your desktop and do something else(Check Picceta's forum)



-The service and contact is unreliable

-When the server lags, it's an automatic death for you if you're in a dangerous area

-Losing around 10% of exp. when you have a job if you die

-The english site has many problems to a lot including download or errors

-Gets really annoying when you try to enter a portal but it doesn't go and you get killed

-Can't full heal(no inns) so you have to wait for the regen

-1 Account per email with a limit of 3 characters per account


So as you can see The pros beat the cons leaving this game great to play.



These screenshots are all taken from my account just to let you know and playing in game is better. Also there are A LOT more places to explore but I only showed 6 so don't judge the game too hard.


*Me(Tokoyami0) in a Tree with slimes

Posted Image



*Running away from blue mushrooms

Posted Image



*Magic Claw attack

Posted Image


*Near Kerning City

Posted Image


Overall, I say this online game is great for all ages and will keep you busy for a long time. If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask me and I'll try to answer them the best I can.


By the way my Maply Story accounts I use are Tokoyami, Tokoyami0 and Tokoyami1 so feel free to add me if you do play. :)


That's it for this year's Mizuki's Online Game of the Month for me. Enjoy .

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Some of your information is truely outdated. Maple Story is not in Beta form at all. It is now in commerical version. More worlds have been added. Former Tespia has been renamed to Scania, and new servers Bera and Broa, were recently added. The cash shop has been added, so cash shop items are now available. Slowly, Wizet is adding more ideas to the cash shop.Under your cons, you do not lose 10% EXP everytime you die. If you read the beginner's guide, it should tell you that you lose 5% EXP. Thieves who have higher LUK (Luck) lose less EXP.You also CAN be ripped off, due to newer ways to scam unaware players/newbie players.Basically, Maple Story is a little bit better than RuneScape and more effort was put into it, but you do lose favor with it in a couple of days. I rate it a 8/10.

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Why rate it 8/10...Maplestory is the best game ever..I played it for years.My highest lvl account is a lvl 110 Mage in Scania GMS (Global Maple Story).I also got a lvl 72 CB (Cheif Bandit)and a 71 CB(Cheif Bandit).I also got a lvl 75 I/l Mage (I/l means Ice/Lighting).I rate it 10/10,hell,I rate it 100000/100000-reply by Maplestory

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New v79Maple Story

its the old pictures its like v40-50 or ing like tat and also new jobs






new job coming out soon its something starting with "O" or something I forgot

and Block party is taking ove nexon and MORE new severs










and yea byez x3

-reply by iPockyx33

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It doesn't have a limit of only 3 characters to an account. When you are at the page to choose your character, you can press the arrows to the left and right of the three character slots you see, and there's more. :] 

-reply by Jennarose


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