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Bash, Where-to And How-to

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let me apologize but i won't copy 70k lines in here.

You're not expected to :D. A link is just sufficient for anyone who is interested.

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tuorial of it is placed here:http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/

Very nice, and very complete tutorial.
I like these words : "script is nothing more than a list of system commands stored in a file."
That's exactly what I tell my students.
1) type directly on the command line prompt what you want to do.
2) check the result.
3) place it in a script.
I would say that bash is a unix shell. ksh is another one. So, a tutorial should show separately what is bash and what is ksh, and what is standard unix.
The most important thing in bash is a file named .bashrc which has most of your settings because it's the script started before logging the user.
ksh behaves the same way, except that the file is named .profile.
and of course, csh users startup script is named .login ....

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