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Coke Music Vs Habbo Hotel Which would you prefer?

Is Coke Music better than Habbo Hotel or is Habbo Hotel better than Coke Music????  

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:PI'd prefer Coke Music over Habbo Hotel because.....

:D IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( The characters also known as V-Egos look more realistic and human like

than Habbo Hotel's blocky people that almost exactly like thos huge LEGO people

made for 3 year-olds

:P It is more user friendly as in navigation of the site and it's affiliates (Coke

Studios, V-Ego San, Recycler (game), etc.)

:o More things to do

:) More Clothing Options

:D Easier ways to get virtual furniture(furni)

;) Cooler furni





B) Coke is so cool!!! If you ever wanna find me on Coke Studios I am AtlanticRecord lol (just kidding). I am ARCoRnDaWg, Atlantic Record is my really cool boss. the best part about Coke Music is Coke Studios, the featured "game" on Coke Music.

Coke Music IS FREE!!!!

:P Compare all of the features of Coke Music with all of the features of Habbo Hotel, YOU CAN'T!!!! They're Incomparable Coke Music is in a more modernized league than Habbo Hotel. From the outside, they may seem alike but.....whe you look more closely you can tell that they are completely different and have a completely different look & style to each of of them. I mean come on neither one of them look alike or were made alike!!! :o

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I would prefer Habbo Hotel as I already have played Habbo for a long time and have collected some furniture and I have a lot of friends in habbohotel.

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(Haha replying to a topic started by a person who is banned.)


I didn't vote because I have no idea about Coke Music.


I have used Habbo Hotel before, but I don't like it. The girl characters look...manly. Not very feminine. :ph34r: (Just my opinion.) So I haven't been using Habbo Hotel since.

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Habbo Hotel

Coke Music Vs Habbo Hotel


I prefer Habbo Hotel, reasons:


- Very fun!

- Great features for HC as well as Non-Hc

- Friendly Moderators




- Lots of nice rooms

- I love the public rooms


So if you say habbo sucks, get off!


-reply by Veronica

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I can see that none has posted here for a month, but I want to say my meaning here;I was playing the Norwegian version of Habbo only two months after the release. It was a great, small community with people, and we had lots of fun. Though, the game became more popular, and new players started to come. It destroyed the whole community. Many of the great, old and active users stopped playing because it wasn't fun. Now it was all about having most furniture, coins and gangs/friends. The game destroyed itself.

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i used to love habbo hotel, used to play it all the time. But now i'm older and am not really interested in it but tbh i have never heard of Coke Music but looks impressive

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